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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween everyone. i love Halloween. i'm eating some candy right now as i type this post. most of the time halloween to me is mostly eating candy, watching scary movies, dressing up in costume, and preferably going to a party. i didnt get to buy a costume this year but thats ok. i have some old halloween stuff that i am going to use along with some black makeup that i brought, wear all black, and i'll be good to go.

My friend that had the 80's party is also having a halloween party tonight. maybe its just because i'm feeling relaxed now but i am almost not in the mood to go but i do want to go. i wish she didnt live so far from me. that would make it easier too. even my job is having a little halloween party too. i wouldnt mind stopping by my jobs party if one of my co-workers (we are also friends) stops by. if she doesnt then i wont bother, but i'll see how things go.

I havent had a trick or treater in years but yet every year i cannot resist buying just 1 little bag of candy. ok i might have brought 2 yesterday. lol. i miss trick or treating. you know i always think that someone might knock on my door. even if they dont, thats fine, i'll just eat the candy myself over time. my boyfriend might help me with that activity, lol. for any of you parents out there that take your kids out trick or treating make sure you get some candy for yourselves too. adults can have fun and eat candy today too.

One thing i hate about halloween is those people that take it too serious and say that it is an evil day. whatever, get a life, have some fun, and eat some candy. they must need the sugar rush. people need to do things that they enjoy more often. people should be happy in life. i'll admit that it can get hard but do what you can. dont let some other unhappy person tell you different.

Well everyone thats my post for today. i'll be back sometime soon to let you all know how my Halloween night went. Happy Halloween to all of you again. Eat candy, have fun, take care, and be safe tonight.


Maggie said...

Happy Halloween! Hope you have a great time at the party! Save me up some candy!!

I know what you mean! My school thinks halloween is just evil! And well everyone at the English department are like sad every year cause we aren't allowed to even mention it to the kids. And when the kids ask why can't we celebrate it at school we are like "ugh umm, we are just not allowed, stop asking questions!" lol poor kids! :(

Luna said...

that sucks. poor kids. halloween can be such a great fun time for them.

Kathie @ my net finds said...

happy halloween!!!

I agree, I don't get the people who take it too seriously and say it's evil.

Mejis said...

Happy Halloween! Have agreat time at the party!
I always steal some of my kid's candy. lol

Kae said...

I love halloween. It's definately my favorite holiday of all. I'm went trick or treating but I gave my candy away to the little kids I saw. I'm nice like that =]