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I'm a fully employed working girl, and college student working on a Business major. Living in Miami but grew up in NYC. I love hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, being out in nature, cooking & baking, creative arts (painting, reading, drawing, crafts), watching tv, going to the movies, playing video games, I love almost anything anime, doing stuff online, etc. My goal in life is to own my own business. I seek to find balance in my life.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I got another award!

So i just found out today that i got another award. Yay for me! :) This award was given to me by Lyn Hernandez.

"The Humane Award is to honor certain bloggers that are kindhearted individuals who regularly take part in my blog and always leave comments :) This lovely award is to thank those individuals for their growing friendships through the blog world."

Thank you again Lyn Hernandez.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I got tagged, your turn!

So my fellow bloggers i have been tagged by one of my followers Ebony Haywood. She tagged me with "The Honest Scrap" award and i tag all my followers with it too.

1. “The Honest Scrap” award is not one to hold all to your self but it must be shared!
2. First, the recipient has to tell 10 true things about themselves in their blog that no one else knows.
3. Second, the recipient has to pass along this prestigious award to 10 more bloggers.
4. Third, those 10 bloggers all have to be notified they have been given with this award.
5. Those 10 bloggers that receive this award should link back to the blog that awarded them “The Honest Scrap’ award.

This sounds like fun. So, 10 things about myself, ok here we go:

1) I like food too much sometimes. I also kinda addicted to soda.

2) I think puppies and kittens are the cutest things ever.

3) I dont really get along with my family.

4) I love to get in my car (when i had one) and drive on the empty highway in the middle of the night playing relaxing music and just driving.

5) I love spending time with my friends eating, drinking (sodas mostly, i'm not that much into alcohol but enjoy a beer or mixed every now and then), playing board games, watch tv or movies and talking about good times.

6) I want to win the lottery but always forget to play.

7) I like going to school.

8) I hate when some people i know try to take advantage of me by trying to get my to drive them places or give them money if we go out but never want to do the same for me if i need it.

9) I cant stand being yelled at.

10) I'm a big kid at heart, i still love cartoons, playing games, eating candy, and all the other stuff that makes you feel good.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's My 3 Month Job Anniversary!

For the past week i have been feeling a bit blah. just like the cute kitty in the picture, this is how i feel. kinda drained lately. it's a combo of different things but i'll be ok soon enough. but i just realized that i have been at my job for 3 months today. its a good feeling. my job is pretty good. there's a bar at my job and the bartenders are great. i became good friends with one of them.

As lucky and grateful as i feel that i have a job i also sometimes feel tired of it, and its only been 3 months. anyone else ever feel like this? i really am grateful that i have the job. when you havent worked in a year and a half of course you'll be grateful but i guess its like something my boyfriend says. he believes that i wasnt meant to work for anyone. i very much agree. i hate feeling ungrateful for the job, i really do. i guess you dont have to work long at a job to take its toll on you, especially when you work over night like i do. right now this job really is good for me. the late shift is the best one at my job, its calm, quiet, and i barely deal with people. the best part is that i never see my boss. its like its my own business and i'm in charge, which i am during my shift.

As far as not working for someone, that is my dream. i want to own a small business, or a few, and not have to work for someone else. i also see how employees get treated at jobs and i dont like it. i want to be different, i would like to be a good boss, i want to provide jobs that people want to work at and would enjoy with decent pay. thats one side, on the other, like anyone else i want to have the freedom of not having to go into work everyday and lettings others take care of it. of course i would handle my own business but want trustworthy people that can take care of things if i cant or dont want to work during a certain time.

How about everyone else, you ever feel like this? What are your dreams and goals? What do you want in your life that would make you happy and complete?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone. Happy Birthday America, 233 years old today. As we all know everyone is gonna be out tonight eating, drinking, hanging out with friends, and of course, shooting fireworks. I love fireworks, every since i was a kid. I guess i'm still just a big kid and there's nothing wrong with that. Anyone that says different is just wrong. There's a different between being a kid at heart (me) and just being an immature adult.

BBQ's seem to be the most popular form of eating today. Everywhere is having one. My friends are throwing their own, my job is having one too, even some of my family is doing it also. I was planning to go up north, about 3-4 hours car trip, to stay at a friends having a (yeah, you guessed it) a bbq. He just got his first house a week ago so this is also his house warming party. And he has a pool too so its gonna be good. My boyfriend and i werent able to make it but we got invited by some other friends for dinner tonight and its nearby a major park that will be shooting fireworks after. I cant wait.

I want to thank all my followers for following my blog and to those that arent and wish everyone a great holiday today. Whatever you decide to do i hope everyone has fun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Co-workers...cant live with them, sure as hell dont wanna work with them.

You know i really try to do my best at work and any job i have done but there is always something that happens. I'm sure anyone can relate. Especially when coworkers just dont care about doing the job right and it causes you problems. So yesterday at work i got called in the office by my manager and by the owner of the business. I figured this isnt good. I get lectured about not doing something right. 2 days ago one of the housekeepers called early in the morning (i was just about to get off work) and told me she was in the hospital and wouldnt be going in that day. Shes ok but wasnt feeling well and wanted to get checked out.

So i take the message. My coworkers and i have this log sheet where we write down what going on or messages the need to be passed down. Normally we write down whatever we need to and then before our relief comes in we reprint a new one with the new messages in there. Since i got the call at the last minute i couldnt reprint a new one, i had already logged out of the system. But i wrote the message down on a post it note and on the log sheet, i told my coworker about the situation and to tell her relief about it when they came in and to tell the manager also when she comes in a few hours later, and i even told her to reprint a new log sheet with the message. I even sent an email about it to the manager myself. The reason for emails is because we are required to send an email to the manager at the end of every shift to see if anything is going on. I try to cover my ass a much as possible.

So it turns out that her relief ended up having to do front desk duties plus housekeeping because no one knew of the situation. My relief had never reprinted a new log sheet she ended up throwing it away, she threw away the note too and didnt tell the manager or her relief. The manager didnt know only because she didnt feel like checking her email like she is supposed to when she came in. So because this one coworker didnt do something so simple i got lectured by the manager and the business owner because i was the one that got the phone call. This is not the first time she hasnt done her job. This particular coworker wont print other forms or envelopes that we need, she wont answer emails or take messages or calls. She admitted to us that she wont do it. I am finding this out from my other coworkers that feel the same about her. We are all irritated by her laziness. Seriously, wtf is that, we all have our job to do and she needs to do it like the rest of us. Its not a hard job but there are a lot of little things that need to be done. She has admitted that she dont care about the job, she is just there to have something to do and to have a little extra money in her pocket. Whatever. Well as far as i am concerned i no longer trust her and will just do whast i need to do to cover my ass. I am not risking a new job for nothing after having not worked for so long.