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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Co-workers...cant live with them, sure as hell dont wanna work with them.

You know i really try to do my best at work and any job i have done but there is always something that happens. I'm sure anyone can relate. Especially when coworkers just dont care about doing the job right and it causes you problems. So yesterday at work i got called in the office by my manager and by the owner of the business. I figured this isnt good. I get lectured about not doing something right. 2 days ago one of the housekeepers called early in the morning (i was just about to get off work) and told me she was in the hospital and wouldnt be going in that day. Shes ok but wasnt feeling well and wanted to get checked out.

So i take the message. My coworkers and i have this log sheet where we write down what going on or messages the need to be passed down. Normally we write down whatever we need to and then before our relief comes in we reprint a new one with the new messages in there. Since i got the call at the last minute i couldnt reprint a new one, i had already logged out of the system. But i wrote the message down on a post it note and on the log sheet, i told my coworker about the situation and to tell her relief about it when they came in and to tell the manager also when she comes in a few hours later, and i even told her to reprint a new log sheet with the message. I even sent an email about it to the manager myself. The reason for emails is because we are required to send an email to the manager at the end of every shift to see if anything is going on. I try to cover my ass a much as possible.

So it turns out that her relief ended up having to do front desk duties plus housekeeping because no one knew of the situation. My relief had never reprinted a new log sheet she ended up throwing it away, she threw away the note too and didnt tell the manager or her relief. The manager didnt know only because she didnt feel like checking her email like she is supposed to when she came in. So because this one coworker didnt do something so simple i got lectured by the manager and the business owner because i was the one that got the phone call. This is not the first time she hasnt done her job. This particular coworker wont print other forms or envelopes that we need, she wont answer emails or take messages or calls. She admitted to us that she wont do it. I am finding this out from my other coworkers that feel the same about her. We are all irritated by her laziness. Seriously, wtf is that, we all have our job to do and she needs to do it like the rest of us. Its not a hard job but there are a lot of little things that need to be done. She has admitted that she dont care about the job, she is just there to have something to do and to have a little extra money in her pocket. Whatever. Well as far as i am concerned i no longer trust her and will just do whast i need to do to cover my ass. I am not risking a new job for nothing after having not worked for so long.


otin said...

I like people. I like to socialize, but I never rely on anyone else to come through on their end of something, I have gotten burnt so many times!

Kathie @ my net finds said...

one thing I learned at my last job, don't trust anyone and always, cya (cover your *ss!). it's sad, but you have to watch out for yourself because a lot of co-workers are lazy!

Lyn Hernandez said...

Be friendly, but watch your step. How is it that this girl still has her job? I am amazed.

O.F.C.J. said...

Wow. That sucks. What a predicament. Well, lesson learned, right? Respect others, but "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me".
Let's hope number 2 never comes up.

I hope all goes well. And thanks for following my blog!


Ebony Haywood said...

Good for you. Go to work, do your job and get your check. Eventually that co-worker will weed herself out. It's bound to happen.

Magic City College Girl said...

thanks for the comments everyone. i have always had problems with at least 1 co-worker on the job. i know better than to trust anyone completely. i did everything i was supposed to do. eventhough i couldnt reprint the paper i still wrote it down on the paper itself. my co-worker threw it away and she is not supposed to unless she prints a new one and i guess she forgot or just didnt care.

otin: i agree.

kathie: you are right. coworkers are lazy.

lyn: i am amazed too that she still has her job. she also tries to do too much and makes a lot of mistakes.

ofcj: dont worry number 2 doesnt happen with me.

ebony: i talked to her about something not long ago and she mentioned that she doesnt plan to be there that long (meaning until the end of the year). i dont know. if people dont need a job then why get one during this time. there are other people struggling in this economy that would be grateful for her job right now.

b is for brown said...

Um, that does suck. Big time. You're from NY! No trusting a soul!

We are here in your town and loving it. Hot as a mother compared to NYC, but I need to sweat the lbs away. Any suggestions as to what to do? Too bad we could not meet up. I completely forgot you lived here.

b is for brown said...

I'm kinda stupid. Um, how could I forget you lived here when your header is frickin Miami. I'm an idiot.

Magic City College Girl said...

lol oh b you're so funny. yeah i'm from manhattan. well theres a lot down here. its hard to say all of them. since its 4th of july pretty much anywhere you can go and do stuff. a lot of places, especially the beaches, will be having bbq's and fireworks in the evening. theres also a place not far from south beach called bayside. its near downtown miami. great place. its mostly shops and restaurants but they have party boats and outside entertainment and they always do fireworks too. take your pick. my boyfriend and i couldnt make it up north to visit a friend for the holiday but another friend of mine invited us to dinner for a friends birthday so we just might be going out and celebrating 2 things tonight. whatever you decide to do have fun and have a good holiday.

Caroline said...

So true, I too have peeps, too lazy to do their work, wtf 2!
But since it is only me, I do it, it appears no one else cares enough!
Always happy to vent here!

Magic City College Girl said...

no prob, caroline. thats part of what i want my blog to be. a place where people can say anything and vent too if they like.