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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Woes

Well i have been away for a little while. I have a cherry coke on my desk that i am enjoying so now it's time to type. Just like some of you out there work has me very busy. You know, it's amazing how when you don't have a job then you want one or need one. Then when you finally get one, not long after, you just don't want to even go in anymore. Well for most people a job is nothing more than that, a job to make money, not something that you love to do. My new job is going good but recently i started thinking about some of my past jobs. Here are some stories.

I work in an office type environment. I like office work and am good at it but it's not really my passion. I like working with food more. Right now doing what i need to do. I used to work in a chocolate/ice cream dessert place and that job was my favorite of all the ones i had. Unfortunately, i had to leave that job when things got bad. The manager was a total idiot. At first she was ok and seemed to be doing her job right. Afterwards things changed, well they really changed the most after i had quit. Why did i quit? Because of the manager and her friend the assistant manager. What happened was that the assistant manager did something that was not appropriate to me and i confronted her about it. She wouldn't even apologize and out of spite she would make me clean the bathrooms and then even after cleaning them she wrote up written warnings on me. The manager wouldn't do anything either, even after i talked to her. Well the assistant manager got fired after i reported her and some time after i quit the job (because of the crap the manager put me through out of revenge) the manager got fired for doing a bad job.

Another job i had last year was a nightmare. The worse job i ever had. These bosses treated me like a slave. I was a store assistant for a store that sold beauty and spa products. I had the experience and thought the job would be great. I couldn't have been more wrong. Those people that owned the store were insame or paranoid or who knows what. The wanted 1 person to do all the work of the store but there was so much to do that it would take at least 2-3 or even 4 people to complete in one day. I just couldn't keep up with everything no matter how hard i tried. They would want to do different jobs at once and would get pissed off if i couldnt finish it. I wasn't fast enough for them. When i did data entry it took me a while to finish because i had some slow equipment. They didn't care, they just wanted the work done no matter what the cost. They even made fun of me and embarassed me in front of some customers. Speaking of customers, when people called to find out information about the store they would not at all allow me to give them the address or anything like that unless they were going to come in and buy something that day. They told me to tell people the website only. They never wanted anyone to go to the store unless they called ahead made an appointment or just happen to walk by. I would go home everyday exhausted from so much work. They fired me after 3 weeks. I was actually happen. Any would be in this case. Ever since then i see a new hiring ad from them. Well until i stopped looking online for a job when i got mine. Every few months or less they put out a new ad. They couldn't even keep anyone that long or would just always fire people for not living up to their standards. I even saw new people at the desk in there all the time. A friend of mine used to live near there and we loved this little pizza place that was in the same place. I would see someone new every other month. They shouldn't even be allowed to work with people. It's sad that people have to go through stuff like this when working for others. So, what are some of your work horror stories?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got bad mood?

Well here we are again and another rant about work. It all started on the way to work last night. First off, it was raining, a thunder storm actually. I couldnt get a ride so as usual i had to take the bus. At first everythings ok and i didnt get very wet but when i got on the second bus the driver instead of waiting until i am completely inside the door he slams it shut and my umbrella got caught and broke. It was useless and had to be thrown away. He gave me a lame ass pathetic "oh, sorry," and what looked to be teenagers high off their asses couldnt stop laughing. I called him a few choice words under my breathe and then sat down.

Then when i get off the bus the bus driver could have driven up a little further so the people and me wouldnt get their feet wet but he wouldnt, even after i asked him if he would. So having to get to work soon i got off and my shoes got a little wet but nothing big, at least until i crossed the street. Much of the area was flooded. I checked and looked and there was just no way i could get into work without getting more wet so i just had to go for it. I tried jumping through the water to get to the door faster. Of course i got wet regardless. I hate getting my shoes, pants, and feet wet. So with wet feet, pants, and shoes i go inside to clock in. I'm sure everyone around me could sense my bad mood but people still talked to me. People keep bothering me, and asking me questions, and distrubing my work, and despite how nice they were or not i really had to resist the urge to tell them off, but of course bosses look down on that and will likely fire me. I am so glad that i have a lot of patience. I know its not a good thing to do and i am very good at separating personal from business but last night was just too much.
Thankfully there is a laundry room in my building so i put my socks and shoes in there to dry. Not feeling great at having to work barefoot for about an hour but the time passed quickly. I was so happy when my socks and shoes dried, i started to feel better. As the night went on things calmed down and got quiet and i was able to get some thing to eat and get work down. Then when i get home i went right to bed. I was tired and sleepy from working all night and needed some rest to get over the bad mood completely. After i got some sleep i felt much better, the mood was gone and it was another day. We all have those days where we've just had enough. But just remember to do your best to let it out at the proper place and time. In my case, no need to blow up at some idiot at work and get fired over it. After all the work and time it took me to get a job, hell no i'm not losing it over something stupid.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Co-workers at it again.

Ok, so i'm working now but should actually be home. I was supposed to just work a 5-11pm shift today but my relief never showed up. Yeah thats right, no one came. At first i think that the person is just a little late, thats normal here. I call the guy and nothing. After asking around i find out from another co-worker that he just quit yesterday. I mean WTF! Didnt he consider that no one might be able to do this shift. I heard that he got another job but damn, at least finish up the shift.

There's nothing i can do about that but considering that his shift was late and the manager was not around i wonder if she even knows or not. I know he was kinda fed up with the job so maybe he didnt even call the manager. I know he quit during the middle of his shift and got another co-worker to come in so maybe he didnt care enough to let the manager know. People do crazy things when it comes to work. I called all my other co-workers. No one can do it. They all work mostly the day shift and need to sleep. The one person with the day off that would do it cant because he's out of town. The person relieving the next shift might have come in early but i think she sleeping too because i get no answer from her. Hell, i even called the manager and no luck there.

Now i'm stuck working an extra shift. With both shifts together thats more than 13 hours. I dont know what happened but i'm definitely going to find out tomorrow. At least i have internet and can entertain myself so i dont fall asleep.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don't get it...

The other day while at work i was waiting for one of my co-workers to come in and take over. I couldnt wait to get home, i was very tired. After she came in we talked for a minute and she had mentioned that one of the guests offered her a job. It would just be a summer position but it would be a exclusive position in an exclusive place up north.

First i didnt understand how the hell she managed that. First off she is rude to clients, never smiles, is impatient, and has complaints against her. All my other co-workers are great and have good attitudes and they agree that they dont like to work around her. I'll admit that she knows her job and does it well but what i dont understand is how she was offered this job. Somehow she must have been lucky enough to be nice one time to the right person. I myself have not seen her smile at anyone. He even wrote her a letter of recommendation that she showed me. I dont know how the hell she got that offer. She told me she is not sure if she should take it or not. I told her to think about it, weigh her options, and if the offer is worth it then go for it. I dont encourage people to leave opportunities just because of how i feel, thats a separate issue. Yeah i'll admit that i'm a bit pissed off about it. I am so nice to people and help them out even if its not part of my job but yet she gets offered a great summer position for not really caring about her job. Life is a bitch sometimes.

I just dont know why certain people get things that they dont really deserve while others deserve it more. The world seems to work that way. Well i dont know what her decision will be but it just makes me wonder whats the point of being so nice to people sometimes if it gets you no where. It seems that maybe being a bitch will get me more in life then just being myself. But then again i just dont like to be a bitch for no reason. Some people can but its just not me. Besides if i acted the way that my co-worker does i might end up getting fired while she still has her job. Thats another thing too, how the hell do some people get away with keeping their jobs while acting like this, while others do their best and end up fired. There are quite a few customer story situation my friends have told me about that would be perfect examples of this. Life can be great and yet so screwed up at other times.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Job Hunting...

So i went out with some friends last night for dinner. I used those KFC free meal meal coupons. What a rip off. Turns out that the huge demand for the free meals that now when you go to a KFC and turn in a coupon they just have you sign something and send you a coupon in the mail later on as a rain check. That sucked but anyway, as my friends an i were talking all kinds of subjects came up, including job hunting. One of them isnt working and she was telling us what it was that she did to find a job. Well unlike many people today she wasnt doing enough to find herself a job that she says she really needs.

My other friend and i gave her some advice on what else she can do to job search. I hope she takes the advice and she should find something soon enough. Like many other people out there i did just about everything i could think of to get a job. I looked online, in papers, networked, applied to places in person, asked friends, went to hiring events, etc. I'm pretty sure i did more stuff but cant remember everything right now. Its hard out there right now. All i can say is try as many different methods as you can to find a job. Like me, you just might get one when least expected.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Craziness at work

Have you ever thought of how stupid people at work can be. I went to work yesterday finding out that one of the guests there had to be thrown out. I wasnt sure why so i inquired about it and found out that this dumbass has did something just nasty. He guy did what you normally are supposed to do in the bathroom but on the floor of that bathroom and hallway. First of all you have to wonder what is going on in this guys head to do something like that. Not to mention he was also caught but 2 staff members and even denied it right to their face. He was forced to clean up his mess and then kicked out. Who the hell does something like that. This guy actually works in a restaurant/bar a block away from us. One of his co-workers spoke to me trying to find out where he is. He didnt show up for his shift but i called his job and let them know what happened. I'm sorry if he loses his job (which i doubt i'll ever find out) but i would not ever eat somewhere where this guy works at. I hope i find out what happened but we'll see.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not sure how to feel...

I spoke to an old friend of my today. It has been years since we talked or have even seen eachother. I was happy to speak to her. We were teenagers we when last saw eachother. I heard from her because my mom went to visit her family. I would have gone but i have to work later today so i couldnt make it. The last time that i saw my friend i had already started college and she was going to start the next semester. Her parents were going to take her upstate and get her her own apartment and pay for school. She didnt have to worry about anything when it comes to school. Yeah i know i sound a little jealous. At the time i was.

So anyway, i speak to her and find out that she is now a real estate lawyer, married, and her husband is a project manager. I mean, as one of my oldest dearest friends i am happy for her and also felt kinda sad and depressed when she told me. I even cryed for a moment. It was like one moment we are just teenagers having fun teh suddenly we're grown up adults with lives and husbands (not yet for me) and stuff. I also know her family. They pride themselves on being successful as far as college, money, marriage, and having kids. I dont have any of those and i feel like when i see them again soon, for the first time in years-we had lost touch along time ago, will they talk shit because i am not at their level. That is actually the reason they didnt keep in touch with us that much, my family and i werent as well off as we used to be.

I'm kind of afraid of being judged by them because of my life now. I mean i am in college but have to take a little time off right now to make money, which is why i am working 2 jobs, to pay for school again. Financial aid has cut me off so i am on my own. I lost my car due to a hit and run in the middle of the night. It was around 330am and some guy smashed my car and left. Insurance couldnt cover it so i got screwed.

I guess i shouldnt let them bother me. I do miss my friend, she has always been a good friend, but i dont really hang out with her family that much. I found out from my mom that most of them arent living that great, they have gained a lot of weight and arent living the best life like they used to so i dont have anything to be jealous of or worry about. I guess shes right but i still cant help to feel the way i do. I'm sure others have felt the same at some point. I mean my friend might have her degree and be a lawyer now but she also told me that she isnt really working now because the market is slow. So i guess we are all in the same boat but just in different ways.

I know what i want and i will get that degree, a house, my own business, and all the other things that i want, even if it takes time. Having all that stuff sooner doesnt necessarily make you successful, just like beauty its in the eye of the beholder. But as i was saying before i still feel a little nervous about seeing them all again but at the same time and excited because i want to see my friend again. Hmm, i dont know how to feel. I guess when the time comes i'll find out.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Criticizing Boss

As the cartoon says i will be talking about bosses here. I'm sure many people would agree that when you work your boss, sooner or later, is always right on your ass about whatever you do.

One of my jobs is a small part time concessions gig. i have been doing it for about 7 months now. I have always done great work. Not perfect, we all make little mistakes, but damn near.

I recently go over a cold so i was fine by the time i had to work. Everything is going fine but my co-worker gives me a message from the boss about how much of what to use. So i follow it and not long later he actually tells me "not to criticize you but if i told you to use this many ---- then why did you use so many ----." I was feeling fine but still kinda tired from my cold so i wasnt at my usual best but i was also following his instructions from my co-worker. If course it seems like this boss is one of those people that cant be wrong. I usually go with my instincts about how much inventory to use and i am usually head on but just didnt think at the moment.

Who does he think he is kidding, "not to criticize...," yeah right. Any little thing and he starts treating you differently. The new co-worker, his friend-i hate nepotisim, is getting more praise for barely doing much work. The boss is talking to him about opportunities that he used to offer to me. Whatever, its not like that job is forever anyway. Its just something to make a little extra money aside from my day job.

There are only 3 of us working there but the other 2 were fired recently. The girl i worked with, we became friends, was just ignored by the boss. She tried calling him and emailing him but he just ignored her. He wouldnt even call her back just to tell her not to come back. I hate not working with her but he is a coward. At least, he could have told her. Then the other co-worker was fired over a lie. He came in tired to work not long ago and the boss told me that he was drunk. He was not drunk at all. Others working with us said that same, no one believed he was drunk. The boss also brought in a new girl to start training. Why would he need someone new if there were enough employees. It was obivious he just wanted an excuse to get rid of him. I hate bosses like this.

When you work for someone else there are always problems and anything can happen.

Friday, May 1, 2009

1st pay day has arrived!

Hello fellow bloggers. This is my first blog and i'm happy to do it. I know that many people are suffering in this economy. I was recently unemployed too. I just started a new job last week and it is going good. I finally get my first pay check today in about a year and a half. Yeah it has been that long since i worked and the job search was hell during that time. I did everything from searching online, to checking newspaper, networking, asking friends, apply in person, and more.

Basically you have to keep going and keep trying. The job i have i almost didnt get it because i wasnt even planning on going in to interview. I saw the ad online and it said to stop by during some particular days to apply in person. There were only 2 days that they were interviewing and i didnt go the first day because something came up and i was busy. The second day i was thinking of not going simply because i wasnt in the mood to go out. I was feeling lazy and depressed. But somehow i decided to get off my ass and just stop by. I thought to myself "why not, you never know." So i went, although not feeling too confident about getting the job. I guess the not getting as many interviews and a lot of rejection over the past year can wear you down. But after going there and interviewing with the manager for a little while she, at some point, told me to wait and that she would be right back. So i wait and wait. After a while i was going to tell one of the staff members to tell the manager i had to leave. I got tired of waiting but just as i was thinking about doing it the manager comes back out and tells me to go back the next day and start training. I couldnt believe it. I thanked her and left to go go home.

I was so happy i started calling people to tell them. It goes to show that if you keep trying it will happen for you. We all have situation where we get depressed or have things that have stopped us from getting jobs or other things we want. The important thing is to keep trying and doing your best and it will happen. If you dont try then nothing happens.