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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Woes

Well i have been away for a little while. I have a cherry coke on my desk that i am enjoying so now it's time to type. Just like some of you out there work has me very busy. You know, it's amazing how when you don't have a job then you want one or need one. Then when you finally get one, not long after, you just don't want to even go in anymore. Well for most people a job is nothing more than that, a job to make money, not something that you love to do. My new job is going good but recently i started thinking about some of my past jobs. Here are some stories.

I work in an office type environment. I like office work and am good at it but it's not really my passion. I like working with food more. Right now doing what i need to do. I used to work in a chocolate/ice cream dessert place and that job was my favorite of all the ones i had. Unfortunately, i had to leave that job when things got bad. The manager was a total idiot. At first she was ok and seemed to be doing her job right. Afterwards things changed, well they really changed the most after i had quit. Why did i quit? Because of the manager and her friend the assistant manager. What happened was that the assistant manager did something that was not appropriate to me and i confronted her about it. She wouldn't even apologize and out of spite she would make me clean the bathrooms and then even after cleaning them she wrote up written warnings on me. The manager wouldn't do anything either, even after i talked to her. Well the assistant manager got fired after i reported her and some time after i quit the job (because of the crap the manager put me through out of revenge) the manager got fired for doing a bad job.

Another job i had last year was a nightmare. The worse job i ever had. These bosses treated me like a slave. I was a store assistant for a store that sold beauty and spa products. I had the experience and thought the job would be great. I couldn't have been more wrong. Those people that owned the store were insame or paranoid or who knows what. The wanted 1 person to do all the work of the store but there was so much to do that it would take at least 2-3 or even 4 people to complete in one day. I just couldn't keep up with everything no matter how hard i tried. They would want to do different jobs at once and would get pissed off if i couldnt finish it. I wasn't fast enough for them. When i did data entry it took me a while to finish because i had some slow equipment. They didn't care, they just wanted the work done no matter what the cost. They even made fun of me and embarassed me in front of some customers. Speaking of customers, when people called to find out information about the store they would not at all allow me to give them the address or anything like that unless they were going to come in and buy something that day. They told me to tell people the website only. They never wanted anyone to go to the store unless they called ahead made an appointment or just happen to walk by. I would go home everyday exhausted from so much work. They fired me after 3 weeks. I was actually happen. Any would be in this case. Ever since then i see a new hiring ad from them. Well until i stopped looking online for a job when i got mine. Every few months or less they put out a new ad. They couldn't even keep anyone that long or would just always fire people for not living up to their standards. I even saw new people at the desk in there all the time. A friend of mine used to live near there and we loved this little pizza place that was in the same place. I would see someone new every other month. They shouldn't even be allowed to work with people. It's sad that people have to go through stuff like this when working for others. So, what are some of your work horror stories?


otin said...

I worked in a restaraunt for 8 years! It was the highest pressure job that there was!

Magic City College Girl said...
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Magic City College Girl said...

I have had others tell me that working with food was high pressure too. I think it depends on the place. where i worked at wasnt too pressuring so i did enjoy the job but just couldnt work there anymore with the way they were treating me.

TudorCity Girl said...

Ahh!!! That last was was TERRIBLE!!!
I had a crazy, crazy one or two past jobs as well. One in college- working at the snack stand of a country club. The 20 year old guy got promoted to manager after they fired the manager. He took the mop, threw it hard at me and said, "start working harder now". I left on the spot. There were worse stories about him too, but better left unsaid.

My new female boss at the last job I was laid off from was a living nightmare. The job forced me into therapy it was THAT bad.
It isn't worth staying in a terrible job- that is what I have learned.

When you have a good or at least decent one, hold on to it... Especially these days! :)


Magic City College Girl said...

hey tcg. "especially these days," omg tell me about it. like i said there are many more stories that we can all talk about for hours. yeah my job right now is pretty good and i'm doing my best to keep it. i hopeto stay there for a while.

Caroline said...

Wonderful blog!

Magic City College Girl said...

Thank you very much Caroline.