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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Criticizing Boss

As the cartoon says i will be talking about bosses here. I'm sure many people would agree that when you work your boss, sooner or later, is always right on your ass about whatever you do.

One of my jobs is a small part time concessions gig. i have been doing it for about 7 months now. I have always done great work. Not perfect, we all make little mistakes, but damn near.

I recently go over a cold so i was fine by the time i had to work. Everything is going fine but my co-worker gives me a message from the boss about how much of what to use. So i follow it and not long later he actually tells me "not to criticize you but if i told you to use this many ---- then why did you use so many ----." I was feeling fine but still kinda tired from my cold so i wasnt at my usual best but i was also following his instructions from my co-worker. If course it seems like this boss is one of those people that cant be wrong. I usually go with my instincts about how much inventory to use and i am usually head on but just didnt think at the moment.

Who does he think he is kidding, "not to criticize...," yeah right. Any little thing and he starts treating you differently. The new co-worker, his friend-i hate nepotisim, is getting more praise for barely doing much work. The boss is talking to him about opportunities that he used to offer to me. Whatever, its not like that job is forever anyway. Its just something to make a little extra money aside from my day job.

There are only 3 of us working there but the other 2 were fired recently. The girl i worked with, we became friends, was just ignored by the boss. She tried calling him and emailing him but he just ignored her. He wouldnt even call her back just to tell her not to come back. I hate not working with her but he is a coward. At least, he could have told her. Then the other co-worker was fired over a lie. He came in tired to work not long ago and the boss told me that he was drunk. He was not drunk at all. Others working with us said that same, no one believed he was drunk. The boss also brought in a new girl to start training. Why would he need someone new if there were enough employees. It was obivious he just wanted an excuse to get rid of him. I hate bosses like this.

When you work for someone else there are always problems and anything can happen.

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