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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I cant believe its new years eve already. this year went by so fast. i actually remember what i was doing around this time last year. well for me i unfortunately have to work tonight at midnight. oh well, at least i have a job so thats something to be grateful for during these times. my boyfriend was going to join me tonight but his family really wanted him to go to church with them. if he didnt then they would give him crap for a while. i told him that it was ok. not that i mind that, not at all, but i was hoping he would be with me tonight. looks like i'll have no one to kiss at midnight. i do plan to go see him in the morning after work so it'll be ok.

I just havent been as much in the holiday spirit as i have previous years. this year is the first year i have ever had to work on the holidays, not during, but on the actual holidays of christmas and new years. i guess i am feeling a little down because of it. i'll be ok though.

When i deposited my paycheck today i was looking at the pay stub b/c i noticed my pay was higher than normal. i saw that my rate per hour was increased by $2. i was very happy to see that. now if that is permanent or temporary i dont know for sure. my bosses do own me extra money so that could be how they are paying it to me or maybe i have been doing such good work (i know that i have b/c i have been told so) that they raised my pay. thats something i was happy about.

Well anyway, i hope everyone has a Happy New Year. i hope we all see some nice fireworks tonight. have a great time, lots of fun, be safe, and may the new year bring good things to everyone. see you all next year, lol. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! i know i havent posted in a little while and i am sorry for that. we all get busy around this time of year. well last time i posted it was thanksgiving. since then a few things have happened.

On nov. 29 my boyfriend and i celebrated our 11th year anniversary together. yes 11 years. we have had a lot of good times and some bad times. every relationship goes through that. regardless i love him very much and can deal with another 11 years, as long as he dont drive me crazy, lol.

I also got a $50 christmas bonus check from work. not great but its something. i have been working a lot lately. unfortunately i had to work this morning and will be working again tonight. i even have to work at midnight on new years. great way to ring in the new year. oh well, as my boyfriend says its better to ring in the new year with a job than without. i think for new years i will get to work on purpose a little late so at least my boyfriend and i can kiss at midnight. or maybe get there a little early, turn on the tv in one of the rooms (if there are any empty ones-i work in a hotel for anyone that doesnt know) watch the ball drop in nyc (i always watch timesquare at new years every year) and ring in the new year together. its better that nothing.

Well for christmas today i stopped by a 7eleven in the morning, brought a few things and went home. i opened a few presents with some family members and we had breakfast together. i got a radio from my dad. my mom is living out of the country and she will be visiting next month. we will have to wait til then to see our gifts. i had to go to bed this morning so i did and slept most of the day. it felt great. i havent slept much in a while. my family went out to see some other family. i havent gotten all of my presents yet. some of my friends had to be with family so my friends and i will be seeing eachother over the next few days to exchange gifts. my boyfriend had to be with family too but i will be going to see him soon before work and we will exchange gifts then. i hope he likes what i got him.

I will be catching up on everyone's blogs soon
. well everyone i hope you all had a great christmas. have a good night, keep warm, love eachother and enjoy eachothers company.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday everyone. usually i would have posted yesterday on the actual holiday but i was just tired and thought it wouldnt be a big deal to wait til the next day. well i hope everyone had a good and tasty thanksgiving. my dad did the cooking this year and it was just a few relatives. my boyfriend had dinner at a relatives too. if he doesnt his family harasses him, lol. we had of course turkey, i just brought a turkey breast. there wasnt many of us so we didnt need a big turkey. we had dinner rolls and other thanksgiving foods. dessert was pumpkin pie and ice cream. i didnt eat too much, yes i was full but more of a satisfied full then a about to explode from eating too much full that is typical of thanksgiving. but you know how it is after you eat on thanksgiving. you get relaxed and sleepy. i laid down and relaxed with some tv. unfortunately i fell asleep and woke up at 11:20 and had to be at work at midnight. i was so pissed off at myself. sometimes my body will wake up if i have something to do but i dont like to take the chance. i would usually set my cell phone alarm but i forgot. luckily i only work 5 miles away from home and dont take much time to get ready so i threw some clothes on, did a few other things and was on my way. i got there and parked right at midnight and went to the office. i was only like 5 mins late, not a big deal but i am so glad i woke up when i did. i wont do that again, i will try to always set my alarm.

As far has black friday i dont go out. its just too crazy and i do not have a need to buy stuff like crazy just b/c it is cheaper. it just doesnt seem worth it to me. and waiting in such long lines from whatever time the store opens up. for those of you that do go out and shop on black friday, not trying to put you down or anything like that. its just not my thing. but if you did go out and shop i hope you got what you wanted.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why are holidays being rushed?

To tell you the truth, i really hate when stores bring out holiday items too early. for example last year i was seeing christmas stuff in stores before thanksgiving, but this year christmas stuff is out even before halloween was here. i really hate that. why so early. yeah you can get the stuff cheaper when buying earlier but at the same time you limit the shelf space and therefore you limit the amount of holiday items you can display. makes no sense to me but i guess business wise it does. even then business wise i still say its too early.

I especially noticed this in walgreens. i love walgreens but even they annoy me when they do this. i was in a walgreens not long before halloween to buy some candy. there was halloween and autumn/thanksgiving and christmas stuff all up in the same isle ready for selling. i wanted to take a pic but felt weird and didnt want anyone to think i was weird for doing it, and i didnt know if i would get in trouble either, probably not but who knows.

I remember a friend once telling me that they dont mind b/c they like christmas and want to get as much of it as they can. but if they are not hanging up christmas stuff early or celebrating any part of it yet then what is the point. you can still get the same cheap prices for christmas stuff if you start buying in early december like i do.

Whatever, i just feel like stores are trying to make time go by faster and it is already doing that on its own. time doesnt need any help, i actually wish it would slow down a bit. to me i dont start buying any christmas stuff til december 1st. yes i think about christmas before december b/c i love christmas but i like things simple and my holidays in their order. october = halloween, novmeber = thanksgiving (and black friday but that is a whole other post for another time), and december = christmas and new years after. thats just me.

What are your opinions about this? i am sure that at least some of you have seen this in your areas. i would love to know your thoughts about it.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! trick or treat, lol. i love this holiday; the candy, the costumes, scary movies, and ghost shows on tv (ghost adventures is my fav).

Well as for me i will be working tonight. its ok, i work on the beach so i will still get to enjoy candy and halloween costumes anyway. besides i havent had a trick or treator in years, and none of my friends ever throw halloween parties. thats ok, i usually go to a club or maybe an area (an outdoor mall near near my job for example) and just have fun with friends. i dont really dress up anymore since i dont feel the need to waste the money unless my friends do or i am going to a party or somewhere where most people are dressing up. i do miss dressing up, i love costumes. this year i did buy some cute cat ears so i guess that is my costume.

Anyway for those of you that will be going out tonight i hope you have a great time, be safe, and eat your candy. i know i will. ;)

And please feel free to enjoy the vids on the left side of my blog. the character talking is named foamy. i love the series, its hilarious, and much of what is said is true and makes you think while entertaining you. i suggest you watch the vids i posted, you'll love them. the creator has made a lot of them. if you would like to see more you can go on youtube or the website, http://www.illwillpress.com/. i posted part 2 above part 1 b/c part 1 is from halloween last year, part 2 is for this year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Pumpkin Time...

Just yesterday i stopped by a pumpkin patch near a park i went to yesterday. a friend of mine invited me to a picnic. when i saw the pumpkin patch i decided to stop by after the picnic and walk around and take some pics. i'm going to share some with you.

I had a great time. i actually havent been in a patch like this before. i have gone to places to buy pumpkins and stuff but never this nice. it was nice to also see all those families out there enjoying themselves and taking pics. the second picture shows a section of the patch where you can pay for your pumpkins and buy other stuff like teddy bears, drinks, pumpkin bread loaf, etc. i brought a cute little teddy bear thats holding a pumpkin and is wearing a little black shirt saying happy halloween. all the money (i think all, or maybe most, not sure) went to charity. i will show a pic of it in my next post.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Being Appreciated...

I just finished working 7 days straight. wasn't too bad but i'm glad i didn't have to work last night. gotta go back tonight but at least i feel more rested. anyway this long week that i worked was a little different b/c i had to do some training. not myself actually but 2 new people that were hired. i personally don't really like to train but was flattered. my supervisors told me that they thought i was the best employee there and that's why they choose me to do it. they even choose me over the guy that trained me when i started. they thought i would train the people good. i am happy that my job thinks of me that way. its nice to be appreciated, especially when others jobs haven't.

Well i hope that i did train them good, i think i did. either way we will soon see. they will be starting on their own soon and will have to prove themselves. i thought that one of them did better than the other, jobwise. i even thought that only one would be hired but i guess they will be trying them both out. lets see how that goes, i hope they do well. i am just glad to be done with training. the new people were nice and fun to chat with but i'm just one of those people that prefers to do their work alone, and my job is more peaceful that way too. yeah i like to chat with my coworkers but when i do my work i prefer to be alone. my boyfriend and even my parents asked me if i was training replacements for myself. thanks for being happy for me everyone :/

Whatever, its my job and its important what i think about it and how i do my work. they aren't there with me and aren't doing my job for me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who loves cooler weather? I do.

For the first time yesterday i felt the temp change here in miami. i work on the beach and when i left work yesterday morning the breeze that came in from the ocean felt nice and cool. its the first time in a long time that it felt that way. it felt great. it was the same way today, nice and cool and cloudy. i cant wait for the temp to get a little cooler so i can start wearing sweaters. also, not having to use air conditioning all the time is nice too. it saves money and natural cool air is best anyway.

Friday, October 1, 2010

October?! when did that happen...

I cant believe its october already. where did the time go? i love every season for different reasons but i think Fall is my favorite one. the temp starts to cool down (not much in my area so far), you can wear more clothes, a lot of shows start their new season, and its the start of the best holidays of the year (in my opinion). more horror movies start to come out in theaters. the leaves start to change color too. well i unfortunately dont see that since south florida doesnt really have the types of trees that change in fall but i'm fine with that. i could always road trip to see that if i want.

Well as i said its october already. what do you think about that? what do you love about this time of year?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy Days

Last night and all day today has been raining. we're being effected by tropical depression #16. its the one thats coming up north through florida from near south america. it'll be heading farther north. my area has had quite a bit of rainy days during the summer, some hard rains too but nothing as long. of course it is going to last for a while longer.

Personally i dont mind at all, i actually love weather like this, especially when i am on my days off of work so i dont have to go anywhere. i just wish i was in an apt with a balcony so my boyfriend and i could sit on it and admire it together, yeah he loves this weather as much as i do. i only hate it if i have to go out in it but if i can be home when it happens then thats when its great.

Unfortunately the car i am driving now has a leak in it somewhere and water is gathering on the floor of the car. it has happened before and i was hoping to find the leak before this storm hit but i couldnt. theres not much i can do until it stops raining and try to get that water out somehow. my dad suggested i get someone to drill a hole into the floor so whenever water comes in it will just drain out on its own. lol, my dad has great suggestions. i just might consider that one.

Well for the moment it looks like it has stopped raining but for how long? i will be going to watch some tv and relax knowing that i dont have to work tonight.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello everyone. i got caught up on all my blogs today. it felt good to do so. well things are starting to progress more. my boyfriend and i are closer to getting a place. i am really hoping that it will at least by by november or december. november b/c its our anniverary or december b/c of the holidays. i would love my own place to decorate and have friends over and stuff like that.

Over the weekend my boyfriend and i went to the movies and we saw "Wallstreet, money never sleeps." we loved it, great movie, i recommend it to anyone that hasnt seen it yet but wants to.

For the moment i have given up the car search. i have just seen nothing but crap or scams lately. i am looking for a simple used car, something reliable, saves on gas, and not too expensive. everything i have seen so far is either too expensive or too old and still expensive or a piece of junk. i know the economy is bad but you cant expect someone to pay you money for an old car like it was a newer car. get real. well as long as the car my boyfriend and i share is working ok thats fine with me for now. i'll keep looking for something else later on.

Work has been going well too. i believe in my next paycheck i should be earning an extra dollar per hour. i hope so, i have been at my job for around 3 months now. i like this job, nice co-workers, i love my overnight shift, great location, free parking, etc. its rare to find a job you like and i am happy to have mine. it would be nice to live near but the area i work in is a nice area but at the same time not the best to live in. its kind of a 50/50 feeling. of course if you have a lot of money then it is desirable. maybe if i can find a nice little place thats afforable then yeah i would consider it. i work by the beach and i love the beach but with all the events (especially memorial day weekend), easy flooding after hard rains, the bridges you have to cross to get there, and other stuff its not really the best place to live.

Anyway in general things are going well and will be getting better soon. as always i will keep you posted. i hope everyone is doing good in their lives.

Friday, August 13, 2010

It feels good to be back...

Hello everyone and happy friday the 13th. i didnt even realize it was until a friend of mine mentioned it. it feels good to be back. i am sorry i havent posted in a while. a lot has happened. last month i had an accident while going to work. my boyfriend was dropping me off at work and it was a stormy night. we both got out of the car and were hugging goodbye when a large metal object hit me in the head. we're not sure where it came from since it was a stormy night. it did cut me so my boyfriend drove me to the hospital right away. it happened only 10 mins before my shift was suppose to start. my boyfriend called my job and told them what happened so they could get someone to cover my shift. i ended up having to get 8 staples in my head. yes it was painful getting the staples but at least after the initial hit in the head and getting the staples i am fine and have no pain. i am very thankful that i am ok and that it wasnt worse. the staples came out a week later, that was painful too, and i have healed just fine. i actually went back to work the next day after getting hit.

Since then i have been working more hours at work, helping friends, helping my parents (one moved recently so i had to help with that), and i have been feeling down lately. i am pretty much ok but i have been frustrated living with family lately. my boyfriend and i are almost at a point to get our own place. it cant come soon enough in my opinion. i am a patient person so it will come soon enough. having to share a car is frustrating too. my boyfriend is going to help me get a car but i still have to wait for that too for a little while longer. the important thing is that we are working towards our goals together and having a little patience will pay off.

Basically i havent been posting b/c of all this and as i said, feeling down. but i have been feeling much better mentally and spiritually so i should be posting as normal again soon. i will soon catch up on all of your blogs as well. for now i am going to relax and get a little rest. i have to work later. i hope everyone has been doing good lately.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here we go again...

I had mentioned in one of my previous posts about being fired from my last job and that i was still looking. well the search is over i have already found another job. its almost hard for me to believe. about a week after i was fired i was called from a i sent my resume to job, another hotel front desk job, and they said that they wanted to hire me. so i go in and i was just given an interview. the lady said that she was going to call me later that day, when she didnt i thought that i didnt actually have the job so i moved on. i kept looking and last week i was called to come in and start training. the lady called me only some hours before she wanted me to come in. i didnt care, i was just happy to have another job again, and so soon too. after about a week and a half of training i started working on my own earlier this week.

I have to say i love it there. the work is so much easier than at my old job. the environment is so much more relaxed and my co-workers are nice. the employees have their own private bathroom by the front desk and there is a large balcony to hang out on, well when the owners are not there of course. hell i even get paid the same money per hour. i also dont have stress to deal with for now and its very calm and quiet. its a small place so there are barely many people to deal with. i like it there and hope to stay a while.

I have to thank my boyfriend for giving me the advice of not caring if you get fired and not caring if you get another job or not. it actually worked for me. with this job and the previous 2 jobs i also had the advice proved to be true. employers will more likely give jobs to those who dont need it or dont want the job. i have not ever gotten jobs so quickly. once again thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for being there for me and helping me out.

Well i am off to get ready for work. working overnight shift tonight. even the overnight shift there is nice, its very quiet and peaceful. i actually kinda enjoy my job and dont mind going in. i hated having to go to work at most of my previous jobs but when you find something you like doing (not my dream job but its good for now) you dont mind working as much. also i love being able to continue working and keeping cash flow coming in.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good teachers deserve to be recognized...

This past sunday i went to a retirement luncheon for a former high school teacher of mine, a music teacher. many of the people that went were in the band or did a lot of music stuff back in school or maybe even did a music major or something similar after high school. i have always loved music but mainly listening to it or playing the piano (i did when i was younger) was my kind of thing. i would love to play instruments again but just dont have the time.

Back during my 10th grade year i had a music class with this teacher and i loved it. i chose to play the drums. truth be told the other drummers and i would practice, as we were told by the teacher, in a small room in the classroom. it was kinda of a storage room but very spacey and since drums were loud we wouldnt disturb anyone else. we loved it. we played more card games than we did practice, but dont worry, we all did practice on our own at home.

This music teacher has been teaching for 35 years. wow, can you image that. more than half of those years he taught at my high school. there were many people at the luncheon, some were unable to attend but i would say were there in spirit, some send emails and videos saying how they wished they couldve been there, others were pissed off that they didnt know or couldnt go for whatever reason. either way my friends and i had a great time. the food sucked big time but it was still fun. the teacher got awards, letters, videos, gifts, donations, and more from everyone. he even got a letter from Obama. he is an amazing teacher. as everyone says the music program at my school wont be the same with him gone.

On a sad note, i believe the main reason he is retiring this year (he wasnt planning to) is because his wife passed away some months ago from cancer. she taught at the same school as him. so sad for him to start his retirement and a new chapter in his life without the one he loves. i know i am going to give my man a big hug and kiss today and tell him i love him. i always do it anyway.

When you have a good teacher you will always remember that. there are many i remember for bad reasons but really good teachers are few and far between. do any of you have a memorial teacher? what subject did they teach? cant wait to hear your stories.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making changes...

Hi everyone. as you can see my blog looks a little different now. ok maybe a lot different. i just noticed the new template design feature for blogger so i decided to work on it. so after a while of working on my blog i have it the way i like it. what do you think? i have added new stuff including a video section. i will be posting videos of stuff i like and want to share so keep an eye out. i have also added pictures, a chat box, and more. it took a while but was worth it. for a while i had looked and looked for a new design but found none that i liked. so at least with this i can play around with my blog and make changes easily to suit me. i also noticed some of the blogs i follow have made changes too.

At t he moment i am still looking for a job. it feels a little weird not having one after having worked for a while. oh well, something will come soon enough. i am just grateful that i was able to save enough money just in case another job doesnt come up soon.

I was going to post about it before but forgot. last week i went to the movies and saw Shrek: Forever After in 3D. as a movie i liked it. i thought it was good, but as for being the last movie in the series i say it could have been better. for the story line they should have added more details and definitely it should have been longer. it was only about 1 1/2 hours long. that just sucks b/c i love the Shrek movies and such a short time for the final movie was disappointing. but i would still say go see it, it is good to see anyway.

I will be catching up on blogs tomorrow. right now i am tired and sleepy. its off to bed with me. i hope everyone has a good day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling Free...

Hello everyone. i hope that everyone had a good long weekend this holiday. unfortunately i had to work but the last day i worked on Monday, the actual holiday, was insane. so many check outs to deal with and check ins. i was exhausted by the end of the day.

Well as most people were on on their holiday and are now back to work i was getting fired from my job. yes, you read correctly, i was let go from my job. lol, that's a first for me, getting fired on a holiday. i actually wasn't the only one. my co-worker, the other person that was hired around the same time that i was, was also fired. it was strange both of us getting called into the office at the same time. i was coming off of my shift and my co-worker was starting.

I had a feeling getting called up to the office wouldnt be good and i already had the feeling for a while that i wouldnt be there long. i didnt want to be anyway. i have gotten to the point of not caring if i get fired from a job or not and that same attitude has helped me get other jobs right away. i wasnt happy there and besides i have money saved and my boyfriend is working and told me i dont have to work again. he has money saved up too.

The manager gave us different reasons for letting us go but anyway whatever the reason i no longer have my job but thats ok. i feel great and i feel free. like i said i wasnt happy there anyway. my boyfriend is proud of me for what i said and how i am keeping a positive attitude. my best friend feels kinda bad for me but i told her not to. even though i just got fired on monday i already have job interviews this week. i am also going to relax with finding jobs. since i really dont need the money as much i will now look for a job thats more part time and something that i enjoy doing. i am great at office work but enjoy food service. if i find something full time thats ok too. not being in school gives me the time to work for now.

Well thats my situation right now. lets see how soon i can get another job. besides this one good thing is that my boyfriend ensures me that we will be able to move soon. we almost have enough money saved up. i am so happy to hear that. it seems that for once things are going good and going our way. hopefully before i know it i'll be able to move and have a job that i can enjoy.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Racism and jobs...basically being stupid.

Hello my readers. my post today is about some idiot that came into my job the other day with his girlfriend to fill out some applications for jobs. the girl is very nice and respectful while he is a racist asshole. there are no more jobs available there anymore but we always take applications.

Here's where the racism comes in. the guy asks me a few questions about the positions there. i answer them as i am getting the applications, hand them to him, and then he tells me "well someones about to get fired. cubans have very sticky fingers. they steal everything thats not nailed down. i know one of the employees is gonna get fired soon."

Needless to say i couldnt believe what this guy just said. the hotel i work in is owned by rich cubans, the restaurant in the hotel serves cuban food, some of the employees (including the managers) are cuban, and we're in miami (which has a high hispanic population). i dont know wtf this guy was thinking but i was disgusted. i dont tolerate racism of any kind and i sure as hell wouldnt work with this asshole. by the time he said this he already had the application in hand. he left to fill it out at a table outside and when they came back in. i took the applications, i said bye to them, and put away the applications...well i did at first. as soon as they were gone i took his application, relieved some stress from the work week on the application by ripping the hell out of it and throwing it away. that felt good. the front desk has a camera so i could be seen doing this but since there was no manager at that time i wasnt questioned about it. if i ever am i have no problem explaining why.

What would you do in a situation like this? the same thing i did? nothing? something different? would you say something to him? would you tell him to get the hell out? i am curious to know your thoughts about this.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Some rants & raves for today...and an award.

Well as the cake says it is my blogiversary, well not today actually. it has been 1 year since i first started my blog. the actual anniversary was may 1st. things have been so busy lately i actually forgot but before the day came i was thinking to myself not to forget to post that day. lol life is funny. where does the time go? i am so happy to have started my blog. it doesnt matter if i dont have as many followers as some of the blogs i read do but its about how i feel and having a blog makes me feels great. its so great to be able to post about anything and share how i feel with others that also blog. i give thanks all my all the people that do follow me.

Work has been ok lately. it is helping me save money by making me money of course. it does get annoying when the more money i save up the more things need to be paid. my 3 month probation will be up soon and i am a little nervous about whether or not i will be let go or allowed to stay. to be honest i dont really like the job (i like it better than my previous job) but it would be easier to stay there and work for now than to have to look for another job. at this time i just hope i can keep the job for a while and in the meantime help my boyfriend out with the business plans that we are hoping to have done by the end of the year. either way if they do let me go the job still would have served it purpose and i will just be positive and confident and look for another job. i will keep you guys updated.

Well now time to talk about school. i miss school very much. i have not been able to take classes for a while due to lack of money. i have a co-worker that is going through the same situation. what happened is that some time ago i had signed up for classes but b/c of lack of money was not able to attend the classes or buy the books. without the books i couldnt do anything in class so i wasnt able to go. i did speak to my school and they said that if i couldnt get the money not to worry that the school would just cancel my classes for that semester or i could drop and i wouldnt have to pay anything. that was a lie. i did drop the classes but they still ended up charging me the tuition and my school refuses to allow me to continue unless i pay it. it turns out they choose at random if they want to cancel someone or not. that is not right. i have tried everything to remove that debt but the school will not work with me. i even gave options to help me pay for it but nothing. its a shame too b/c for many reasons i love my college and want to go back but over time i have learned that many schools dont care about their students anymore but only how much money they can get from them. i would even have to say that my school is kinda stupid too b/c they could have made more money from me taking whatever part time classes i could instead of waiting to for me to pay off an old semester that i cant afford and interrupting my education for nothing. hopefully i can resolve this soon but i fear it could still take a while.

Isn't this a cute award. i recently received this award from Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife. thanks kathie for the great award. i would suggest her blog to anyone. it always fun to read. i would also like to pass this award on to all my readers and you guys can pass it along to whoever you like. this award is for fun and i agree with it that every one/blog deserves a little bling.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where's the cake?

Hello everyone. yes today (the 25th) is my birthday. i'm saying the 25th just in case this posts after midnight so you guys can know. i know its a little late in the day to post about this but i didnt have time earlier. i had to work this morning. it sucked but the work day wasnt so bad and i had to set the shedule up that way so i could have the evening off to enjoy it. and i'm off tomorrow so i wont have to wake up early and can get some errands done.

After work i went and visited my parents house, got some gifts, had dinner, and had cake (chocolate and vanilla) after. from there my boyfriend picked me up, then we picked up a few friends and went out to eat. since i had eaten at my parents house i just had something light and a drink. it was a fun night and i wish it couldve lasted longer but tomorrow is monday and everyone else had to work. thats ok, thats life.

Ok everyone that was my birthday and i had fun. i hope everyone else had a good weekend too.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Apartment searching...

Its such a nice day here today. i have all my windows open and since the place i live at is a corner unit i am getting a great breeze in here. as i sit and type i am enjoying a nice refreshing coke.

Besides all the craziness from my last post (which has now calmed down) i have had 1 main thing on my mind for while now. its the same thing in the pic. a new place. yes i have mentioned wanting a new place before but lately not having a place has made me more impatient. i am a very patient person. too patient sometimes. i guess the frustration of living with family is getting to me more these days. part of it is the situation with my boyfriend too.

Usually i am the more logical and patient one and i would be telling my boyfriend not to worry that soon enough we will have a place, or a car, or whatever. my boyfriend would reassure me on these things too but he would be the one to feel more anxious to get it faster. now it seems that things have switched, like we have switched in a way. he is now the patient one telling me not to worry, we will get a place soon enough, etc, and i am the one feeling desperate to move. like i said i guess i am feeling a bit more frustrated about my living situation.

It used to be easy for me to use my patience and soon enough i got what i wanted. now out of frustration its not so easy anymore. i just try to listen to my boyfriend and trust in him and myself that things will work out. i just have to remember to use that patience of mine that everyone knows me for and just relax. my main conflict is not so much whether i will get a place or not but when. i know i will have my own place again, i am mostly frustration at when i will have it.

Recently i have been conflicted with myself on whether or not i should move sooner or later. some tell me sooner and others later. from my experience later has been better for me. its the frustration once again. i find myself checking online for apartments all the time knowing that i actually wont be moving too soon but hoping too. i know that the best thing for me is really to move later on when i have saved more money and my boyfriend has saved more money too. things will be more stable a little farther down the road. and i also think that during the summer many places will also go down in rent prices b/c summer here is slow season.

I can be very logical and reasonable. i have mentioned the reasons why i should wait but my frustration tells me the hell with waiting. in the end i know that waiting a little bit will benefit me and by saving more money i could end up with a better place for a better price. i know what i need to do and i need to calm my frustration down and just wait. time goes by quickly so waiting likely wont feel like it took long. i hope that soon enough at the right time i will have a post announcing my new place and maybe I'll even post some pics too.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Life...wtf is going on!

I am back, sorry for another absence. life is just crazy when you start a new job. this post today is gonna be more like a rant & rave day. first off i would like to say Happy Spring to my readers. i would have done this on the first day of spring but like i said, things got busy.

Anyway the job is ok. its a good job. once i pass the 3 month probation period i will start to make more money per hour. i am a bit pissed off that one of my managers changed the schedule at the last minute b/c one of my co-workers got injured. i'm not blaming the co-worker but the schedule i had recently was great and now it sucks. and i have to work a double shift on sunday. i was hoping to go to the local fair on sunday, since i previously was supposed to be off that day, and sunday is the last day but oh well. there's always next year.

Lately i feel just like the girl in the picture. i have been thinking a lot about all kinds of things lately. sometimes i feel like i dont know what to do about many things. a few days ago i had a talk with my dad, well more like he started talking to me. somehow he got into a conversation about how our cultures are different and that things were better back in his day. this usually leads to a long lecture of some kind. i usually try to avoid this with my dad but simply not responding to him anymore, it makes the awkward time go by faster too.

Besides being the usual he went on about how wrong it is for guys and girls to live together and not be married, how guys are supposed to ask permission to date daughters, and that he thinks my boyfriend only wants to be with me for sex and not do anything for me, etc. my dad is very old fashioned. i have talked to him before about my boyfriend and things like that and he always seems to be fine at first but then always forgets what we talked about. my parents only remember what they want to remember and forget what they feel like forgetting.

So i have been a little depressed since that conversation but i have started to feel better. despite what my dad wants to think, my life is not that way at all. i remind myself that my life is ok and that i am a good person and continuously working towards my goals . i am getting back in school and working on a degree, i have never been in trouble for anything, i have great friends, i have a good job (although i am planning on having my own business) and make good money, i even have been able to save thousands of dollars over the past year, i will also be getting my own place soon and a car will follow (i havent had the need for one much since i share my boyfriends car). my man is great, he helps me when he can and i help him. sometimes i have a job and he doesnt and sometimes i dont have a job and he does. thats just how things are, especially today.

I am not old fashioned like my dad is. i want to be equal to my man and we have been. sorry dad but after 10 years i doubt he's with me only for sex like you think he is. my dad doesnt not believe in interracial dating/marriage and since my boyfriend is black he thinks of him as a sterotype of a criminal/drug user/been in jail/white woman user. this is not the case. we were friends for years and then got together. he has helped me more than anyone else has, even more than my parents. he has not been in trouble, he is educated, and treats me great.

Because of their attitude is why i dont bring my boyfriend around them and why my boyfriend doesnt want to be around. i have invited him over but they wanted nothing to do with it. my parents actually told me years ago that i would be dead to them if i ever was with a black guy. so we starting seeing each other secretly. of course after a while they pretty much knew but didnt say anything. my mom became ok with it over time and actually asks how we are doing and if i want to invite him over to dinner sometimes. its funny how things change, my dad never used to say anything about my relationship and my mom did. now my dad says stuff in a passive aggressive way while my mom is cool with us. it seems like whatever i do in life will never be satisfying enough for them. i have learned that thats fine. my life is mine and i decide what to do with it and how to live it. they cannot live my life for me. life is funny and definitely has it wtf moments.

Unlike my dad i am not the kind of woman that is looking to be taken care of by some guy. i want to make my own money and do things for myself. i am on my way to doing that. hell i have friends that have done things they shouldve have but were still treated better by their families than i was. but thats ok, i know i'm a good person and despite how my parents do or might feel about me i am proud of myself for being a good person and having someone that loves me. to be honest i have felt at times that i should have been bad when i was younger to have gotten some respect but that would have been more on me. there is no need for that. i will soon have my life back on track again (meaning having my own place and being back in school). i need to be happy and live my life and not let how my parents are affect me.

I am very happy that i started this blog nearly a year ago. i have been able to get out and share so much with people that i usually cant do with friends and family. i am grateful for my readers that follow me too. thanks everyone. well for now i better go. have to get ready for work. not in the mood but i just gotta do what i gotta do for now. its wont always be this way.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gotta love Tim Burton...

This monday my boyfriend and i went to see Alice in Wonderland. we loved it and want to see it again. we saw it in normal 2D but we should have done 3D. the timing didnt work out so thats why. it was a great movie either way. this movie is pretty much a sequel. i loved the idea of Alice more grown up and going back to Wonderland and seeing what happens. i love Tim Burton and his imagination. i wonder what his next movie will be about?

Well this is my 2nd week at the new job. so far it is going pretty good. the full time hours are annoying but while i am not able to go to school for the moment i might as well work as much as i can. i need to save money. the managers are impressed with how well i am doing and how fast i am learning, which is good. i hope to stay at this job for a little while and get the things that i need. for now that is my own apartment and maybe a car. i am looking for a place near work and if i can find one that i can afford then i wont need a car. i can get a car later on and perhaps take care of school earlier. my boyfriend has a car that we share so we are good with that. we shall see how things go but for now i just need to do well at this job and do some planning for the future and save some money.

Well everyone i will be getting ready for work now and will be on my way soon. i hope everyone is doing well. i would like to ask a question. how many of you are working jobs/careers that you like/wanted or are you doing something you dont like b/c you need to pay the bills (like i am doing at this moment)?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

New Opportunities...

I am back. sorry for not posting this week. well i have some good news as well. i started a new job today. i was planning on posting about it before but i wanted to hold out until i knew for sure. i am working front desk of a small hotel. not really the type of job i wanted. i took it b/c i wanted to start working again asap after i quit my previous job. i just need to make money right now.

I am hoping to move into my own apt in the next month or two. i work by the beach again and would love a place there. even if its a little one. having your own place is different. also living there i wouldnt need a car to get to work or to do most other things so i could save some money that way. there is actually a small local bus that goes all around that area for only 25 cents. thats a big money saver. my boyfriend can keep the car and use it more and i can simply use the little bus or walk if i am close enough. either way no matter where you park there is a pain and you have to pay.

Well anyway i am basically trying to be more independent and save money at the same time. i can do it and my boyfriend says he will help me which is great. i just hope i do good enough at the job to finish the 3 month probation period and can continue to stay longer or until i find something better. i am always looking to do better. i hope things work out well. lets see what the next few months will bring me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Staying up late...

Well its after 5am and i'm up. i am used to being up late from habit. also recently working an overnight job got me more used to it. just about every night i lay down and relax and fall asleep for a little while and then wake up late. then i stay up and watch tv, doing stuff online, or whatever. then close to sunrise i go to bed. i dont know why. like i said being used to it and also since i'm not working again i have energy to stay up late. its also cold here in miami so i am keeping warm. i know its not as cold as it is up north where people are dealing with snow but for miami its cold. i grew up in new york so i am more used to cold and snow that many miami natives are but after not having been to nyc in a while i am not as used to the cold as i used to be.

Well even though i quit my job, and feel great about it, i am not wasting time. i have already been looking for a new job and hope i get another one soon. i did send my resume to a receptionist job today and i think they like me. we haven't interviewed yet but when they got my resume they emailed me and want to interview me, train me, and get a background/criminal check this week. i have no problems with background or criminal checks. since i am clean i laugh at those. i emailed them and responded to what they said. so i just basically have to wait for their reply and see when they want to interview me. even after they emailed i went back to check the ad they posted. i like to do that after i hear back from potential jobs. the ad was actually gone. i am thinking that they think i am a good match with them and so they must have taken the ad down. i have more than enough experience that they need for the job and also live close to them which is why i think they like me for the job. this job pays very well too so i really hope i get it. at the same time i am not stupid so i will be careful if this job is a scam for any reason but i have checked up on them and i think they are legit.

I will let my readers know what happens. wish me luck. anyone else out there on the job hunt now? i haven't done this in close to a year but i have gotten back into it pretty quickly. as for me right now i will be getting a snack and then going to bed. it'll be sunrise in about a half hour and i am also getting a little sleepy now. it's a new day and new things will be going on so i wish all my readers a good day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, Freedom, and Tigers!

Well its that time again people. Happy Valentine's Day all my readers. i hope everyone has fun and enjoys themselves today. my boyfriend and i haven't really planned anything. sometimes we decide to go somewhere and other times we just become spontaneous and do whatever we want. I'll be seeing him later. we might do the dinner and a movie thing but who knows. maybe we'll even hang out with some friends too. i think that would be great. i haven't hung out with my friends in a little while. I'll let you know.

Ah yes, wonderful freedom. Friday night was my last day of work. it feels great to not have to go back to that shithole of a workplace. most of co-workers told me they wish i wasn't leaving and that they would miss me. that was great to hear. some of my former coworkers are gone b/c they either quit or were fired. that place has a high turnover for employees. i am still friends with them and have made new friends of the coworkers that are still there. i have everyone's contact info and we're on each others facebook so i will definitely keep in touch with them. i have already started looking for another job and have some interviews lined up for next week and I'm going to some places to apply that i know are hiring. i will be just fine. i will even take advantage of my new free time and start working on achieving my goal of owning my own business.

Today is not just valentines day but it is also Chinese new year, The Year of the Tiger. i am mentioning it because tigers are my favorite animal. lets see if this year goes more my way than previous years. maybe my favorite animal will bring me some luck this year.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Decisions...

Hello everyone. once again it has been a while since i posted something. sorry about that. i keep up with the blogs i read but not my own lately. things have just been a bit crazy and stressful. you know how it is with work. Well time to tell you the new decision that i made. i didnt think i would be doing this yet but i decided now is the time. i decided to quit my job. yes i said it, I QUIT! and it feels F'ing great. i deal with so much shit at work and i am done with it. i am not quitting just b/c i dont like the job but b/c of everything going on there. the guests are horrible, i have been getting treated like shit by my manager, and there's a safety issue also. i'm fed up, i dont need it, and i dont need that job.

The final straw was when my manager put me on probation and then suspension. she gave me probation on thursday and gave me suspension me on friday. i know she did that on purpose. there was some paperwork i couldnt finish doing but i always catch up when i can. and the paperwork itself isnt even important. she has told me that herself. my manager wants me to be superwoman but i cant. according to her i dont do any work just b/c i work overnight. its not fair for me to have so much work that i cant finish and she gets mad at me. well whatever. its their loss not mine.

I already know that she wants to fire me. i have co-workers that were fried recently and new people have already been hired. the people working my shifts while i'm suspended are new and are training also. i am fine with it. i have money saved up and i dont need this job. everyone is supportive of what i did and i am proud of myself for it and dont regret it at all. i feel great. i am currently on the suspension and am fine with it. i really needed a break from the job anyway.

For once i am not worried about leaving a job without an0ther one lined up. i have already started looking for another job and hopefully should find another one soon. well thats how my life is now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Work and Life...

Hello everyone. i know it has been a little while since i blogged. i'm sorry for that. my absence has mostly been due to work lately. my job has become a nightmare. i have been so busy lately and have like no help. since i work over night shift some of my co-workers and even my manager have said that i dont do anything because i work at night. i cant believe they would think that. at least some of my other co-workers know thats not true because they do the night shift when i'm off.

It pisses me off because i bust my ass trying to get all my work done but i have more work to do and deal with more crap working over night then my other co-workers do. lately it has been so busy because we are still in our holiday busy season and i just have alot to do. just like my front desk co-workers i have to work as front desk but unlike them i also have to be a housekeeper, maintenance, bartender, security, computer technician, etc. since i am the only one working at night i have to do all this work.

The manager expects me to have everything done in a short amount of time but thats damn near impossible. there are forms that need to be inputted into the computer and i havent been able to do them because there are so many and they keep building up everyday. these are the least important part of my job but they still need to get done. i do them when i can but with all the other work piled up on me i cant get to them. i am forced to have to do laundry like a housekeeper, sell drinks like a bartender after the bar closes, deal with people checking in and out, fix the computers if they stop working (if i can), walk around the building checking it like security and cleaning up like housekeeping. its very frustrating but i recently talked to my best friend about this and she helped me feel better.

I have also contacted the manager about this but she doesnt care that i need help. the thing is that work piles up on me even more after my day off. even though i have some co-workers that do the same shift when i am off they are not required to do the work that needs to be done on those days. that makes no sense because when i go back i have that extra day of work to do. i might as well work everyday and have no days off because i am working 5 days a week but have to do that work of all 7 days.

Well i am just happy that i have money saved up and my boyfriend is going to help me get a car. he is starting to do better financially too. i have been looking for a new job and i hope to find one soon because i will not last much longer at that job. half of my co-workers that i started working with are gone and another one recently put in her quitting notice. i think even if i dont have a another job i will still leave soon. that job is too much and the guests that go there are some of the worse people i have had to deal with. i wont have to worry though, my boyfriend is going to help take care of finances whether i leave or not. it would be nice to not have to work again for a while and relax. i am working on getting back in school for the summer. i was hoping to do it this semester but didnt have enough money. thats ok, i will go back soon enough. that what i would love to do again. just go to school and not have to worry about working.

Well everyone this is what i have been dealing with lately. i actually have to get ready for work now. i am so not in the mood tonight but just 1 more night and then i'm off. its also a shorter shift tonight so it should go by faster. i feel like doing what the picture shows, getting away and relaxing in nature. i need a vacation. i recently got caught up to reading all the blogs i follow and i should be able to do it again tomorrow. well i better get going. i hope everyone is doing ok.

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's 2010! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2010 everyone! i had dinner with some family earlier in the evening then went to a friends house with my boyfriend to ring in the new year. we got back home not long ago. our friends were getting tired and didnt want to stay up too late. we are home home now relaxing and watching more new years stuff on tv and having snacks. we had fun tonight. i hope everyone else had a great time tonight too. i hope this new year bring us all good things. be safe and enjoy the rest of the night. :)