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Friday, May 7, 2010

Some rants & raves for today...and an award.

Well as the cake says it is my blogiversary, well not today actually. it has been 1 year since i first started my blog. the actual anniversary was may 1st. things have been so busy lately i actually forgot but before the day came i was thinking to myself not to forget to post that day. lol life is funny. where does the time go? i am so happy to have started my blog. it doesnt matter if i dont have as many followers as some of the blogs i read do but its about how i feel and having a blog makes me feels great. its so great to be able to post about anything and share how i feel with others that also blog. i give thanks all my all the people that do follow me.

Work has been ok lately. it is helping me save money by making me money of course. it does get annoying when the more money i save up the more things need to be paid. my 3 month probation will be up soon and i am a little nervous about whether or not i will be let go or allowed to stay. to be honest i dont really like the job (i like it better than my previous job) but it would be easier to stay there and work for now than to have to look for another job. at this time i just hope i can keep the job for a while and in the meantime help my boyfriend out with the business plans that we are hoping to have done by the end of the year. either way if they do let me go the job still would have served it purpose and i will just be positive and confident and look for another job. i will keep you guys updated.

Well now time to talk about school. i miss school very much. i have not been able to take classes for a while due to lack of money. i have a co-worker that is going through the same situation. what happened is that some time ago i had signed up for classes but b/c of lack of money was not able to attend the classes or buy the books. without the books i couldnt do anything in class so i wasnt able to go. i did speak to my school and they said that if i couldnt get the money not to worry that the school would just cancel my classes for that semester or i could drop and i wouldnt have to pay anything. that was a lie. i did drop the classes but they still ended up charging me the tuition and my school refuses to allow me to continue unless i pay it. it turns out they choose at random if they want to cancel someone or not. that is not right. i have tried everything to remove that debt but the school will not work with me. i even gave options to help me pay for it but nothing. its a shame too b/c for many reasons i love my college and want to go back but over time i have learned that many schools dont care about their students anymore but only how much money they can get from them. i would even have to say that my school is kinda stupid too b/c they could have made more money from me taking whatever part time classes i could instead of waiting to for me to pay off an old semester that i cant afford and interrupting my education for nothing. hopefully i can resolve this soon but i fear it could still take a while.

Isn't this a cute award. i recently received this award from Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife. thanks kathie for the great award. i would suggest her blog to anyone. it always fun to read. i would also like to pass this award on to all my readers and you guys can pass it along to whoever you like. this award is for fun and i agree with it that every one/blog deserves a little bling.


Maggie said...

Congratulations on your blog anniversary and your award!

I hope things get better in the school department. It sucks how expensive it is to attend school nowadays and it shouldn't even be like that you know! Gets me angry!

Luna said...

i agree. it gets me mad too. no one should have to pay for school. it the lack of money that keeps many people from being able to go and others from not finishing.

Kristin said...

I'm sure they're going to re-up you!!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your school situation. I hope that they refund you in some way. It's truly not right for them to hold it from you. I hope that things work out, my love!

Congratulations on the award!! :)

Mejis said...

Congrats on your award!
Sometimes life decides to throw everything at you at once, or so it seems. I've been too busy to read blogs but finally got a chance today.
I think it's ridiculous how much school costs these days. How do they expect anyone to afford it?

Luna said...

thanks for all your comments everyone.

@ mejis: you are so right. many people just cant afford school anymore, even with financial aid. the school system sucks. in my opinion no one that wants an education should have to pay for it. i would say the govt should pay everyones tuition and fees and the only thing we pay for is books.

Jules said...

Congrats on the award and Happy 1st Blog Anniversary! Good luck with the job situation and school. Education is so expensive. We’ll be paying Geof’s grad school loans for a long time!