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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rainy Days

Last night and all day today has been raining. we're being effected by tropical depression #16. its the one thats coming up north through florida from near south america. it'll be heading farther north. my area has had quite a bit of rainy days during the summer, some hard rains too but nothing as long. of course it is going to last for a while longer.

Personally i dont mind at all, i actually love weather like this, especially when i am on my days off of work so i dont have to go anywhere. i just wish i was in an apt with a balcony so my boyfriend and i could sit on it and admire it together, yeah he loves this weather as much as i do. i only hate it if i have to go out in it but if i can be home when it happens then thats when its great.

Unfortunately the car i am driving now has a leak in it somewhere and water is gathering on the floor of the car. it has happened before and i was hoping to find the leak before this storm hit but i couldnt. theres not much i can do until it stops raining and try to get that water out somehow. my dad suggested i get someone to drill a hole into the floor so whenever water comes in it will just drain out on its own. lol, my dad has great suggestions. i just might consider that one.

Well for the moment it looks like it has stopped raining but for how long? i will be going to watch some tv and relax knowing that i dont have to work tonight.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Hello everyone. i got caught up on all my blogs today. it felt good to do so. well things are starting to progress more. my boyfriend and i are closer to getting a place. i am really hoping that it will at least by by november or december. november b/c its our anniverary or december b/c of the holidays. i would love my own place to decorate and have friends over and stuff like that.

Over the weekend my boyfriend and i went to the movies and we saw "Wallstreet, money never sleeps." we loved it, great movie, i recommend it to anyone that hasnt seen it yet but wants to.

For the moment i have given up the car search. i have just seen nothing but crap or scams lately. i am looking for a simple used car, something reliable, saves on gas, and not too expensive. everything i have seen so far is either too expensive or too old and still expensive or a piece of junk. i know the economy is bad but you cant expect someone to pay you money for an old car like it was a newer car. get real. well as long as the car my boyfriend and i share is working ok thats fine with me for now. i'll keep looking for something else later on.

Work has been going well too. i believe in my next paycheck i should be earning an extra dollar per hour. i hope so, i have been at my job for around 3 months now. i like this job, nice co-workers, i love my overnight shift, great location, free parking, etc. its rare to find a job you like and i am happy to have mine. it would be nice to live near but the area i work in is a nice area but at the same time not the best to live in. its kind of a 50/50 feeling. of course if you have a lot of money then it is desirable. maybe if i can find a nice little place thats afforable then yeah i would consider it. i work by the beach and i love the beach but with all the events (especially memorial day weekend), easy flooding after hard rains, the bridges you have to cross to get there, and other stuff its not really the best place to live.

Anyway in general things are going well and will be getting better soon. as always i will keep you posted. i hope everyone is doing good in their lives.