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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anniversary Time!

I meant to post this yesterday but it was a busy day so i didnt have time. but yes yesterday the 29th was my anniversary with my boyfriend. 10 years. yeah 10 years. we've had ups and downs but overall a great relationship. i know that some of you might be thinking (just as my friends have told me) why havent we gotten married yet. well we just havent felt the need to. we want to and plan to but we're very happy the way things are. when we are ready we'll get married. i choose the pic because it reminds me of my boyfriend and me. we like to look at the moon and it looks like us too. lol. i think its cute.

Well yesterday i was asleep a good part of the day. i have been so tired from work lately. i hate working with so many people. not co-workers but customers. i miss the jobs i used to have where i worked alone in a small office and never dealt with anyone except taking phone calling or seeing the boss only on payday. my water heater was messed up and i couldnt take a hot shower for a few day. not good since this happens when the weather is cold. i would have to take a cool shower but at least i still had water. it was fixed this morning so i got to take a nice warm shower and wash my hair. funny how i get my hot water back and the weather warmed up again. life is funny.

Anyway, we hung out together yesterday to celebrate. i had to work in the evening unfortunately so we didnt have a lot of time but it was enough. we went to a movie. he wanted to see "ninja assassin." good movie, a lot of action and blood shed. although the blood was over exaggerated but still a good movie. then we got some dinner (italian) and came back to my place. i sursprised him with ice cream and cake, a chocolate cake that i baked myself. i love to bake but dont do it often. he loved it. it was a nice anniversary. he says it was perfect because we were together and it was simple and fun, and he got to eat chocolate. lol. he is so sweet.

Well, too bad i had to work last night or we would've spend more time together. i have to work tonight too. as soon as i finish this post i have to get ready to leave. i am really starting to get tired of working overnight but the overnight shift from my job has the benefits of not dealing with as many people, the 2nd half of the night is empty and quiet because most people are sleep, i'm not watched on camera as much as the day people are. too bad i dont get paid more to work overnight. everyone asks me if i dont because usually some overnight jobs do get paid more. oh well, i just try to remind myself that i am lucky to have my job and have any money for the holidays. then i feel better again, at least until the next time i go to work. lol. anyway have a good night everyone.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thankgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! i hope everyone has a great holiday today. i''ll be on my way soon to my parents place for dinner. it'll be an early dinner since i have to work tonight. i hate working on a holiday but certain jobs cant close for a holiday. oh well, thats ok. we do what we gotta do. anyway i hope everyone gets to eat all the turkey and side dishes and desserts that they want. Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to start the holidays...

Well we're getting close to that time of years again. thats right, the holidays. in less than 2 weeks we'll be eating turkey and not long after that getting presents. i love the holidays but hate how fast they come and go. oh well, just gotta enjoy as much of it as possible.

I have noticed some of my fellow bloggers are going to send out holiday cards to their readers. i think it is a great idea and i have decided to do the same. i love getting and sending holiday cards. i havent done much of it the past few years.

So to all my readers i would love to send you a card for the holidays. just send me an email with the name you want me to use and an address to send the card to. i plan to send cards out the 1st or 2nd week of december.

Email me at mccgirl2009@gmail.com. i hope to hear from you soon. have a good sunday everyone.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...

Hi everyone. I know its friday the 13th and bad things are associated with this day. its comes from the history of it. either way its no big deal. go out and have fun. i have to work tonight but thats ok, i'll be off tomorrow. i'll be back tomorrow with a new post. have a good weekend everyone. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random stuff for today...

To start off this post i just wanted to say Happy Veterans Day. I support all the troops and wish them the best. do any of you know anyone in the armed forces now. i personally dont. i have friends that did serve in the past. not anymore, well actually there is 1 friend that still does. he might have finished around this time or not yet. im not sure, i need to contact him and see how he is doing.

Well on to some good stuff now. yes as i said in my last post me and 2 friends went to the movies. my best friend, as usual, picked me up a bit late but she to wait for our other friend to call her so she could pick him up. i cant blame her in that case. so because of the time we werent sure of what we wanted to see. any movie we chose at the time we would end up missing some of the beginning anyway. i hate that. we finally ended up seeing the Christmas Carol 3D movie. i loved it. i have always loved that story and this version was so much better than many others i have seen. and watching it in 3D was fun too. i would recommend it to anyone. there are some parts that might be a little scary for little kids, just so you know.

I get paid this friday. thats always a good thing. hopefully i will be a little closer to getting my own car soon. an apartment right now is out of the question, i dont have enough. i really was hoping to have one by december. i love having my own place to decorate but its ok. soon enough i have it. all things come in time and with patience.

After that i was suggesting to my friends that we get something to eat. our guy friend wanted to see another movie. we just went into another theater that was next to the one we just got out of. ok we snuck in. no one was around so we just went in. i wish i had just brought a snack at the point. i was so hungry. it also happened to be another movie that he wanted to see, The Men Who Stare At Goats. my opinion of this movie, well, if you have seen the preview or commercial then there is no need for you to waste money to see the whole thing. the commercial showed all the best parts. my best friend agreed with me. the movie was stupid and much of sit didnt really make sense. we understood what was going on but i'm just happy i didnt waste extra money to see it. i would not recommend it to anyone.

Ok now on to the stuff that has pissed me off recently. well for starters at the movies some people brought their kids along and some of the kids were crying or making noise and just being overall annoying. i dont have a problem with people bringing their kids to the movies but at the same time i do because of shit like that. it really annoys me when i pay money to see a damn movie and i have to deal with that crap. not to say that all kids are like that in movies, of course not, but i think some parents shouldnt bring them if they know how their kids will act. yeah you cant always predict what will happen when it comes to kids but either way i was still pissed off.

The person that was working in the box office that gave us the tickets was a bitch. she had an attitude and overcharged me and my friends. we even showed her our student ids but she didnt care. i know it was just a dollar difference but still, it was our money. can yo believe she actually even say to us "oh big deal its just a dollar". my best friend was pissed and asked for the manager. we all just wanted to see the movie so we went in but i have no doubt that my friend called the theater today to ask for a manager and complain. i know how my friend is so i am sure she got this situation taken care of.

Next is the situation will my boyfriends car. i went over to his place and we got tow truck to tow the car to the mechanic and get it fixed. i had called these guys before hand to get a price. they quoted me one price. of course once we got there the mechanic was trying to screw me by giving me a much higher price. i was like what!? i dont think so. i argued for a moment but he wouldnt honor the price i was given. i asked another employee to get the manager for me and it turned out that the manager was the one i spoke to. the manager honored the price he quoted me. i also said i didnt want that mechanic to work on my car so the manager got another employee to work on my car. well at least it turned out good, we got the car fixed and pay no more than what i expected to pay.

Something else that has pissed me off lately is people at work. not any of my co-workers this time but guests that come in. many have been annoying lately. others come in drunk late at night. some will not stop bothering me to get stuff for them that i keep telling them that i cant get for them. new people that comes in wanting discounts or deals of some kind. i cant do that people! get it through your heads. others being loud when i tell them to keep the noise down. i have even gotten stupid phone calls recently where the guys want me to give messages to guests they dont know. the point of this is too get me to repeat a message that is sexually based in a disgusting way. wtf people! grow the hell up. basically all around annoyances at work at some point will happen no matter what. all i can do is deal with them the best i can but it seems that i deal with something at work almost every night. i think i should start looking for a new job soon.

Well everyone these are my rants and raves for the day. sorry it was a bit long but once i started this post i was on a roll and just kept going, lol. i hope you enjoyed. i have to work tonight so i will now go lay down and rest for a bit before getting ready. have a good night everyone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Movie time...

Hello readers. according to my last post i was supposed to go out with my best friend over the weekend. unfortunately it didnt happen. my boyfriends car isnt working at the moment, but we are going to get it worked on today. so i wasnt able to drive to my friends house and i sure as hell wasnt going to take the bus at night. my neighborhood isnt very safe at night so i avoid doing that as much as i can. i have had to do it but dont like to. my friend lives a little far and she ended up having an issue also so she couldnt drive to me to pick me up. although if it was the other way around she would never take the bus if needed, and dont even think of asking her too. she still had a reservation for the restaurant and another friend of hers was invited so i told her to go ahead and go out. i said that we can go out another time.

That other time is today. we made plans to go out to the movies tonight. we plan on seeing a movie that just came out this weekend called Precious. i have seen the previews for it and it looks good. its based on a novel called Push written by Sapphire. whats funny is that i have a friend nicknamed precious and he will be going with us tonight to see the movie. we'll have some dinner also. hopefully not at the same place as i mentioned in a recent post. i'm over that place, food isnt great and over priced.

Well anyway, i will be going to bed now. i got off work not long ago but didnt feel sleepy right away like i usually do so i stayed up for a little while to check some email, write this post, and do some other stuff. so i am feeling sleepy now and will be going to get some sleep. i hope i dont get interrupted by phone calls. i ususally do even though everyone knows i work at night and need to sleep during the day. i hate that. anyway i have things to do later so i'm jumping into bed now. i hope everyone has a good day.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthdays and work...

Well today as my title says is a birthday. no not mine. my day isnt until April. actually today is my best friends birthday and my sisters birthday, well half sister. they both usually will want me to spend time with them on their birthdays. it rarely works out that way. my sis is like twice my age, she was already an adult by the time i was born so we never grew up together. dont get me wrong we get along just fine, we have no problems. usually i might see her for a little bit on her birthday or within a few days after. i'll buy her a card or a little gift too.

I honestly would prefer to hang out with my best friend. i have know her for like 15 years now. we went to high school together from the beginning through graduation. we went to college together. well she already got her degree. i am still trying to finish. anyway, i havent been able to see anyone today. i will be going out to dinner with my friend tomorrow night. i have to work tonight so cant go out. it works out ok. another friend of ours is off tonight but working tomorrow so they will go out tonight and i will go out with my friend tomorrow night. she picked a Hawaii style type of restaurant and made a reservation for us. she wanted to do something kinda different. we havent eaten in a place like that before so it should be fun. i hope i can get some pics to show you guys.

I was hoping to get the day off or switch my shift but my hours have recently been cut back so i couldnt do it. no one else could do it because now everyone has to hold on to the hours they have. my bosses are trying to save money, not so much because business is a little slow, but just to save money. i understand businesses wanting to save money. i just hate it when they save money by cutting hours or pay. i'm glad that my pay wasnt cut but if they left the hours alone and cut the pay it would end up being the same thing. well one good thing is that the owners of the business are making the manager do 2 hours at the front desk everyday that she works. my friend and boyfriend agree with me that its great. i think so because its annoying how she complains about stuff we do everyday, makes annoying memos for everything, and can get bitchy over nothing. she can be nice but has that other side to her, i think you guys know what i mean. this is why i love working the night shift at this job. i dont have to deal with the manager or a lot of people.

Well anyway i have to head out to work now. i'll try to come back tomorrow and tell you about my night out with my friend. have a good friday night everyone.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last night...

Last night i finally had a chance to see Michael Jackson's This Is It movie. i wanted to see it the opening day but wasnt able to make it. i also wanted to see it with a friend. so my best friend and i made plans last week to see it last night on my night off from work. she had been out of town for a while so i also waited until she came back. the movie was great. i loved it. poor Michael Jackson. its so sad what happened to him. i'll always miss and him and remember him. his music is unforgettable. we love you Michael.

When my friend and i got to the movie theater we first brought the tickets then we went to dinner. she picked me up late (she usually is a little late for everything) and we missed the original time we want to see the movie so we got tickets for the next available time. the dinner was just ok. i hate restaurants that charge more than the food is worth and the food isnt all that great. i have eaten in this place before and i know better but my friend loves this place for some reason. i just ordered an appetizer because its much cheaper and the appetizers are pretty decent. i later had a soda and one of those chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches in the movie, yummy.

I also noticed in the previews and posters on the theater walls a lot of new movies that will be coming out that look really good. i cant for the next big one to come out. i love going to the movies. i dont know what the next movie i will see is but i'll let you guys know. it'll probably be New Moon. i know a lot of friends that want to see. i will probably join them.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Hey everyone. sorry to say that i actually didnt go to my friends party. there ended up not being a party to go to. there werent alot of people going to being with and some of those people ended up not being able to go anymore at the last minute. my friend has 1 friend that lives near her and she wanted to do something. the other friends that could go out wanted to go clubbing or bar hopping and my friend wasnt in the mood for that so she, her husband, and that 1 friend went out to dinner. then they went back to my friends house, watched movies, and gave out candy to trick or treators. my friend ended up not even wearing her costume that she brought. she ended up returning it.
I had called my co-worker and she ended up not going out either. she had her costume and everything ready. she told me that her husband didnt feel much like partying. even she lost her mood also. i even asked if she was going to go to our job to check out the party there. she told me no. most of my friends ended up the same way, not really doing anything.
As for me and my boyfriend, as i said we didnt get to go to the party, which was actually ok since it was a far drive. we didnt stop by my job either. he said he really just wanted to spend some time with me. but when he got to my place right after seeing me he was the first one to get into my candy. lol. it was ok, i didnt even have any trick or treators at all. my boyfriend said that for many people the spirit of halloween is gone. i guess in a way he is right. anyway after a few minutes we left to get some fast food and came back home. we ate our food, watched tv, talked, ate candy, and relaxed the rest of the night. it was nice and i liked it. of course some one ate most of the chocolate candies that i brought, lol. oh well.
I hope all of you had a good time last night. i will be reading your blogs soon to see whats going on. as for me i have to get going. i need to get ready to head out to work, blah. lol. not in mood to go when ive been home all day relaxing but gotta make that money. later readers.