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Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthdays and work...

Well today as my title says is a birthday. no not mine. my day isnt until April. actually today is my best friends birthday and my sisters birthday, well half sister. they both usually will want me to spend time with them on their birthdays. it rarely works out that way. my sis is like twice my age, she was already an adult by the time i was born so we never grew up together. dont get me wrong we get along just fine, we have no problems. usually i might see her for a little bit on her birthday or within a few days after. i'll buy her a card or a little gift too.

I honestly would prefer to hang out with my best friend. i have know her for like 15 years now. we went to high school together from the beginning through graduation. we went to college together. well she already got her degree. i am still trying to finish. anyway, i havent been able to see anyone today. i will be going out to dinner with my friend tomorrow night. i have to work tonight so cant go out. it works out ok. another friend of ours is off tonight but working tomorrow so they will go out tonight and i will go out with my friend tomorrow night. she picked a Hawaii style type of restaurant and made a reservation for us. she wanted to do something kinda different. we havent eaten in a place like that before so it should be fun. i hope i can get some pics to show you guys.

I was hoping to get the day off or switch my shift but my hours have recently been cut back so i couldnt do it. no one else could do it because now everyone has to hold on to the hours they have. my bosses are trying to save money, not so much because business is a little slow, but just to save money. i understand businesses wanting to save money. i just hate it when they save money by cutting hours or pay. i'm glad that my pay wasnt cut but if they left the hours alone and cut the pay it would end up being the same thing. well one good thing is that the owners of the business are making the manager do 2 hours at the front desk everyday that she works. my friend and boyfriend agree with me that its great. i think so because its annoying how she complains about stuff we do everyday, makes annoying memos for everything, and can get bitchy over nothing. she can be nice but has that other side to her, i think you guys know what i mean. this is why i love working the night shift at this job. i dont have to deal with the manager or a lot of people.

Well anyway i have to head out to work now. i'll try to come back tomorrow and tell you about my night out with my friend. have a good friday night everyone.


otin said...

Hope you had a wonderful time! Happy birthday to all! lol!

Mejis said...

Happy Birthday to all of them! Enjoy your night out with your friend!