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I'm a fully employed working girl, and college student working on a Business major. Living in Miami but grew up in NYC. I love hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, being out in nature, cooking & baking, creative arts (painting, reading, drawing, crafts), watching tv, going to the movies, playing video games, I love almost anything anime, doing stuff online, etc. My goal in life is to own my own business. I seek to find balance in my life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Staying up late...

Well its after 5am and i'm up. i am used to being up late from habit. also recently working an overnight job got me more used to it. just about every night i lay down and relax and fall asleep for a little while and then wake up late. then i stay up and watch tv, doing stuff online, or whatever. then close to sunrise i go to bed. i dont know why. like i said being used to it and also since i'm not working again i have energy to stay up late. its also cold here in miami so i am keeping warm. i know its not as cold as it is up north where people are dealing with snow but for miami its cold. i grew up in new york so i am more used to cold and snow that many miami natives are but after not having been to nyc in a while i am not as used to the cold as i used to be.

Well even though i quit my job, and feel great about it, i am not wasting time. i have already been looking for a new job and hope i get another one soon. i did send my resume to a receptionist job today and i think they like me. we haven't interviewed yet but when they got my resume they emailed me and want to interview me, train me, and get a background/criminal check this week. i have no problems with background or criminal checks. since i am clean i laugh at those. i emailed them and responded to what they said. so i just basically have to wait for their reply and see when they want to interview me. even after they emailed i went back to check the ad they posted. i like to do that after i hear back from potential jobs. the ad was actually gone. i am thinking that they think i am a good match with them and so they must have taken the ad down. i have more than enough experience that they need for the job and also live close to them which is why i think they like me for the job. this job pays very well too so i really hope i get it. at the same time i am not stupid so i will be careful if this job is a scam for any reason but i have checked up on them and i think they are legit.

I will let my readers know what happens. wish me luck. anyone else out there on the job hunt now? i haven't done this in close to a year but i have gotten back into it pretty quickly. as for me right now i will be getting a snack and then going to bed. it'll be sunrise in about a half hour and i am also getting a little sleepy now. it's a new day and new things will be going on so i wish all my readers a good day.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love, Freedom, and Tigers!

Well its that time again people. Happy Valentine's Day all my readers. i hope everyone has fun and enjoys themselves today. my boyfriend and i haven't really planned anything. sometimes we decide to go somewhere and other times we just become spontaneous and do whatever we want. I'll be seeing him later. we might do the dinner and a movie thing but who knows. maybe we'll even hang out with some friends too. i think that would be great. i haven't hung out with my friends in a little while. I'll let you know.

Ah yes, wonderful freedom. Friday night was my last day of work. it feels great to not have to go back to that shithole of a workplace. most of co-workers told me they wish i wasn't leaving and that they would miss me. that was great to hear. some of my former coworkers are gone b/c they either quit or were fired. that place has a high turnover for employees. i am still friends with them and have made new friends of the coworkers that are still there. i have everyone's contact info and we're on each others facebook so i will definitely keep in touch with them. i have already started looking for another job and have some interviews lined up for next week and I'm going to some places to apply that i know are hiring. i will be just fine. i will even take advantage of my new free time and start working on achieving my goal of owning my own business.

Today is not just valentines day but it is also Chinese new year, The Year of the Tiger. i am mentioning it because tigers are my favorite animal. lets see if this year goes more my way than previous years. maybe my favorite animal will bring me some luck this year.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Decisions...

Hello everyone. once again it has been a while since i posted something. sorry about that. i keep up with the blogs i read but not my own lately. things have just been a bit crazy and stressful. you know how it is with work. Well time to tell you the new decision that i made. i didnt think i would be doing this yet but i decided now is the time. i decided to quit my job. yes i said it, I QUIT! and it feels F'ing great. i deal with so much shit at work and i am done with it. i am not quitting just b/c i dont like the job but b/c of everything going on there. the guests are horrible, i have been getting treated like shit by my manager, and there's a safety issue also. i'm fed up, i dont need it, and i dont need that job.

The final straw was when my manager put me on probation and then suspension. she gave me probation on thursday and gave me suspension me on friday. i know she did that on purpose. there was some paperwork i couldnt finish doing but i always catch up when i can. and the paperwork itself isnt even important. she has told me that herself. my manager wants me to be superwoman but i cant. according to her i dont do any work just b/c i work overnight. its not fair for me to have so much work that i cant finish and she gets mad at me. well whatever. its their loss not mine.

I already know that she wants to fire me. i have co-workers that were fried recently and new people have already been hired. the people working my shifts while i'm suspended are new and are training also. i am fine with it. i have money saved up and i dont need this job. everyone is supportive of what i did and i am proud of myself for it and dont regret it at all. i feel great. i am currently on the suspension and am fine with it. i really needed a break from the job anyway.

For once i am not worried about leaving a job without an0ther one lined up. i have already started looking for another job and hopefully should find another one soon. well thats how my life is now.