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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Decisions...

Hello everyone. once again it has been a while since i posted something. sorry about that. i keep up with the blogs i read but not my own lately. things have just been a bit crazy and stressful. you know how it is with work. Well time to tell you the new decision that i made. i didnt think i would be doing this yet but i decided now is the time. i decided to quit my job. yes i said it, I QUIT! and it feels F'ing great. i deal with so much shit at work and i am done with it. i am not quitting just b/c i dont like the job but b/c of everything going on there. the guests are horrible, i have been getting treated like shit by my manager, and there's a safety issue also. i'm fed up, i dont need it, and i dont need that job.

The final straw was when my manager put me on probation and then suspension. she gave me probation on thursday and gave me suspension me on friday. i know she did that on purpose. there was some paperwork i couldnt finish doing but i always catch up when i can. and the paperwork itself isnt even important. she has told me that herself. my manager wants me to be superwoman but i cant. according to her i dont do any work just b/c i work overnight. its not fair for me to have so much work that i cant finish and she gets mad at me. well whatever. its their loss not mine.

I already know that she wants to fire me. i have co-workers that were fried recently and new people have already been hired. the people working my shifts while i'm suspended are new and are training also. i am fine with it. i have money saved up and i dont need this job. everyone is supportive of what i did and i am proud of myself for it and dont regret it at all. i feel great. i am currently on the suspension and am fine with it. i really needed a break from the job anyway.

For once i am not worried about leaving a job without an0ther one lined up. i have already started looking for another job and hopefully should find another one soon. well thats how my life is now.


Maggie said...

I think that was just such a bad environment to be working in, you know?

I'm glad you got out of it and I'm definetly sure you will find a job soon enough.


Luna said...

thanks. i think so too. just today one of my co-workers didnt pay attention to his schedule for this week and didnt come in on time to relieve me at 6am. so i call and call him. he finally answers and sounds like a jackass when he tells me he thought he started at 6pm instead of 6am. he doesnt come in until after 10am and i dont get to leave until nearly 11am. i just about did a double shift unwillingly. whats worse is that the manager said nothing to him. she didnt care.

thats another reason i am leaving the job. no one there has respect or consideration for me and the fact that i work all night. i am so happy i will be leaving there soon. at least one good things came out of leaving late today, overtime pay. :)

otin said...

Seems that these days employers want blood from a stone. At some point employees need to gain a little more control back. Right now, employers and bosses have all the power!

Luna said...

i agree otin. thanks.