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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Work and Life...

Hello everyone. i know it has been a little while since i blogged. i'm sorry for that. my absence has mostly been due to work lately. my job has become a nightmare. i have been so busy lately and have like no help. since i work over night shift some of my co-workers and even my manager have said that i dont do anything because i work at night. i cant believe they would think that. at least some of my other co-workers know thats not true because they do the night shift when i'm off.

It pisses me off because i bust my ass trying to get all my work done but i have more work to do and deal with more crap working over night then my other co-workers do. lately it has been so busy because we are still in our holiday busy season and i just have alot to do. just like my front desk co-workers i have to work as front desk but unlike them i also have to be a housekeeper, maintenance, bartender, security, computer technician, etc. since i am the only one working at night i have to do all this work.

The manager expects me to have everything done in a short amount of time but thats damn near impossible. there are forms that need to be inputted into the computer and i havent been able to do them because there are so many and they keep building up everyday. these are the least important part of my job but they still need to get done. i do them when i can but with all the other work piled up on me i cant get to them. i am forced to have to do laundry like a housekeeper, sell drinks like a bartender after the bar closes, deal with people checking in and out, fix the computers if they stop working (if i can), walk around the building checking it like security and cleaning up like housekeeping. its very frustrating but i recently talked to my best friend about this and she helped me feel better.

I have also contacted the manager about this but she doesnt care that i need help. the thing is that work piles up on me even more after my day off. even though i have some co-workers that do the same shift when i am off they are not required to do the work that needs to be done on those days. that makes no sense because when i go back i have that extra day of work to do. i might as well work everyday and have no days off because i am working 5 days a week but have to do that work of all 7 days.

Well i am just happy that i have money saved up and my boyfriend is going to help me get a car. he is starting to do better financially too. i have been looking for a new job and i hope to find one soon because i will not last much longer at that job. half of my co-workers that i started working with are gone and another one recently put in her quitting notice. i think even if i dont have a another job i will still leave soon. that job is too much and the guests that go there are some of the worse people i have had to deal with. i wont have to worry though, my boyfriend is going to help take care of finances whether i leave or not. it would be nice to not have to work again for a while and relax. i am working on getting back in school for the summer. i was hoping to do it this semester but didnt have enough money. thats ok, i will go back soon enough. that what i would love to do again. just go to school and not have to worry about working.

Well everyone this is what i have been dealing with lately. i actually have to get ready for work now. i am so not in the mood tonight but just 1 more night and then i'm off. its also a shorter shift tonight so it should go by faster. i feel like doing what the picture shows, getting away and relaxing in nature. i need a vacation. i recently got caught up to reading all the blogs i follow and i should be able to do it again tomorrow. well i better get going. i hope everyone is doing ok.

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Maggie said...

I hope you find a new job soon enough!!!