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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here we go again...

I had mentioned in one of my previous posts about being fired from my last job and that i was still looking. well the search is over i have already found another job. its almost hard for me to believe. about a week after i was fired i was called from a i sent my resume to job, another hotel front desk job, and they said that they wanted to hire me. so i go in and i was just given an interview. the lady said that she was going to call me later that day, when she didnt i thought that i didnt actually have the job so i moved on. i kept looking and last week i was called to come in and start training. the lady called me only some hours before she wanted me to come in. i didnt care, i was just happy to have another job again, and so soon too. after about a week and a half of training i started working on my own earlier this week.

I have to say i love it there. the work is so much easier than at my old job. the environment is so much more relaxed and my co-workers are nice. the employees have their own private bathroom by the front desk and there is a large balcony to hang out on, well when the owners are not there of course. hell i even get paid the same money per hour. i also dont have stress to deal with for now and its very calm and quiet. its a small place so there are barely many people to deal with. i like it there and hope to stay a while.

I have to thank my boyfriend for giving me the advice of not caring if you get fired and not caring if you get another job or not. it actually worked for me. with this job and the previous 2 jobs i also had the advice proved to be true. employers will more likely give jobs to those who dont need it or dont want the job. i have not ever gotten jobs so quickly. once again thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for being there for me and helping me out.

Well i am off to get ready for work. working overnight shift tonight. even the overnight shift there is nice, its very quiet and peaceful. i actually kinda enjoy my job and dont mind going in. i hated having to go to work at most of my previous jobs but when you find something you like doing (not my dream job but its good for now) you dont mind working as much. also i love being able to continue working and keeping cash flow coming in.