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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone and their friends and family! i hope for those of you i sent a christmas card to got them on time. sorry that i havent been able to blog lately. things have been busy and crazy but still good. i took care of some errands in the morning when i got off of work then i went home and did a few more things. after that i finally got some sleep. then i saw a few friends and my boyfriend. then they went to do their thing and i hung out with my family afterwards.

We had fun, good presents, good food, and played with the family dog. i would have stayed longer but unfortunately i have to work tonight. it sucks but thats ok. i'm happy that i was free during the day and very happy that i am off work tomorrow.

I havent had time to read all the blogs i follow recently but i will get to that tomorrow since i'm off and i look foward to it. i will also be seeing some friends to give them their presents that i couldnt see today. how i love christmas time. I hope everyone had a great christmas and enjoyed themselves. I'm going to get ready for work now so to all a good night. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Shopping Time!

It's that time of year again. its almost Christmas and everyone is busy buying their presents for everyone. me personally, i like to take a little time and think about who i am going to buy presents for, how many presents, and what presents to buy. when i plan this way i get all my shopping done in one day. i actually did my holiday shopping yesterday since i was off from work.

I was thankfully able to buy everyone a decent presents this year. usually i never have much money for gifts so i buy what ever little things i can or i at least give people Christmas cards.

Speaking of cards i have decided to put a deadline of this coming tuesday on cards by 12 noon. for anyone that hasnt emailed me but would like a holiday card from me go ahead and send me an email to mccgirl2009@gmail.com with name and address. i look foward to receiving more email from my readers. i hope tuesday 12 noon is enough time for everyone. well i have to get some rest before work later. i hope everyone had a good weekend.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Since friday my water heater has been broken. today it finally gets replaced after a bunch of bullshit. first they tell me monday they will come, they dont of course. they tell me they came yesterday bt i was home all day and no one stopped by. finally they come today and replace my water heater. it felt good to take a normal hot shower again. i have been having to heat up water on the stove and take it to the bathroom. its not like i havent had to do it in the past. i have lived in very cold climates where water cut off. i have dealt with hurricanes and the same thing has happens. it can happen to anyone.

I''m honestly glad that november is over. november is kind of a crazy month for me. there are good things and bad things. i have birthdays to deal with, my anniversary, thanksgiving, and 2 deaths as well. besides the deaths the other stuff is fine.

On the 12th of november my dog had died 2 years ago. i still miss her. she was 15 when she passed away. not sure what her cause of death actually was but the vet said that she was just really old and i guess it was her time. i was really hurt. i raised her parents from puppies and then raised her. i wish i had a pic of her on my computer. i would post it. maybe another time. i'm mentioning this now b/c my best friend called me this morning and told me that a puppy she had months ago and had given away to a friend of hers was hit by a car and died today. very sad. so i guess to feel better she started asking me questions from the time my dog had died. i started to cry a bit. i cant help it. i loved my dog very much and still miss her but it has gotten better over time.

The second death is of a good friend of mine. he passed away on november 28 from a car accident, so its 10 years now that he died. some asshole and cut him off on a road when he was out with some friends and he unfortunately lost control of the car and crashed. the crash caused him to fly out of the car and i think it was the impact that killed him or maybe the crash. not sure but thats what i was told happened. the guy that cut him off was never found.

These are sad events but i like to think that time helps to heal and it has for me. in the meantime its december and i love december and the holidays. christmas is coming up and its a great time for being positive and feeling good and other good things like that.