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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Shopping Time!

It's that time of year again. its almost Christmas and everyone is busy buying their presents for everyone. me personally, i like to take a little time and think about who i am going to buy presents for, how many presents, and what presents to buy. when i plan this way i get all my shopping done in one day. i actually did my holiday shopping yesterday since i was off from work.

I was thankfully able to buy everyone a decent presents this year. usually i never have much money for gifts so i buy what ever little things i can or i at least give people Christmas cards.

Speaking of cards i have decided to put a deadline of this coming tuesday on cards by 12 noon. for anyone that hasnt emailed me but would like a holiday card from me go ahead and send me an email to mccgirl2009@gmail.com with name and address. i look foward to receiving more email from my readers. i hope tuesday 12 noon is enough time for everyone. well i have to get some rest before work later. i hope everyone had a good weekend.


Mejis said...

I haven't gone shopping yet. lol I should get off my butt and go I guess.

Maggie said...

I hate shopping during this time of the year. I was also able to buy everyone something decent this year. :)

otin said...

I must have missed your post? you are on my blog roll, It just must have passed on by! :(