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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love parties!

This weekend i went to a friends birthday party, she had an 80's based theme. what a great time it was. i havent been to a party in a long time. my boyfriend and i had so much fun. some friends werent able to make it which was sad but its ok, maybe next time. i didnt get to dress up as 80's as i wanted to but i did what i could. i did the make up, put hairspray in my hair, did what i could with some old clothes and i was good to go. you should have seen one couple that went to the party. they went all out with the clothes. now my boyfriend wants us to do a theme for our birthdays too which i think is a great idea. i wish we could have done the 80's theme since we love the 80's and our birthdays are only 2 days apart, but oh well, our friend got to it first, lol.

My friend made food, had 80's music ready, liquor and beer ready to go, and she was dressed up as well. we all ate, talked, laughed, dancing to 80's music with 80's dance moves, and rocked out to a Guitar Hero video game later in the evening. i am so happy that i went. i even told my friend that she should have a halloween party. she said she might if she can. i really hope she does, i would definitely get a costume for that. i felt like a kid again.
Some people had to leave the party early for work or church. the other dressed up couple and my boyfriend and i were the last ones left. they left just before we did. as we were about to leave with them my friend asked us to stay to chat. so we did but i had no idea that it would mostly be a sad conversation. she talked to us about financial troubles she was having. it wasnt good. she was hoping we could help her. in reality my boyfriend and i can help a little but it wouldnt be enough. she needs more than what we can do for her. i can only do so much with hurting myself.
It sucks but she has known about this problem for a while and told me nothing before when she would have needed less money. i think she felt embarassed. we talked to her and gave her some ideas of what she could do to get some more money. she needed some time to think although she doesnt have much time. thats the bad news but good news is that she called me not long ago and told me that she was able to work something out and was able to do a payment plan of some kind. now at least she wont need so much money at once and my boyfriend and i wont have to lend her money. this is something she can handle now. although she doesnt want to, she is going to take one of our suggestions to sell some stuff and make some extra money. that should help her out more. i am happy for her that it worked out.
As for me, i dont know. i have been wanting to take care of my debt for a while now but its hard to do. there just isnt enough money for it all. i would love to consolidate everything into 1 payment and have my debt taken care of. i dont really want to do bankruptcy but i dont know where to start or what to do really. i heard different things from different people. if any of my readers know what i could do or have sme suggestions that could help me i would love that.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget...

8 years today. can you believe that it has been 8 years. what a horrible day. i could not believe it when it happen. i grew up in Mahanttan so this hurt me too just like any other New Yorker still living there. Well actually this hurt many people around the world. who the hell would have thought 2 planes would go through these buildings and, well we know the rest.

i remember exactly where i was at that time. around the same time in the morning when this happened i was driving to school. i didnt hear anything on the radio because it wasnt turned on. when i got to school i walked to the main building, which is where my class was, and stopped in the lounge where the big tv is and sofas where students would sit and chill. i saw a big crowd gathered around the tv and i wondered what they were watching. thats when i saw it. it was all over the news. i was shocked and so was everyone else around me.

not long after that the school closed down for the rest of the week. i remember how as soon as the announcement came over the speaker everyone went to the garages and parking lots and busses t go home. i did it too but wasnt in as big a hurry only because of the amount of people leaving at the same time. oh man it took forever to get outta there and on the street, listening to the radio the whole way home. once i was home i turned on the tv, called my best friend and most of the rest of t day went like that. talking to my friends on the phone and watching the news.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm back...

I am finally back. i know some of my readers have wondered where i was. i'm sorry that it has been a while since i posted anything. i have been trying to keep up to date on my readers posts when i had a little time but have just had no energy to write for myself. work has had me working like crazy lately. overtime has been thrown at me without even being asked. the co-workers that relieve my shift are always late. the co-workers that i relieve never do all their work and leave me stuck with it. i have not gotten much sleep lately either. i've had alot to do lately. my family has been bothering me for anything and everything lately and have been asking me for money since i'm working. i have friends with issues that i have been trying to help with if i can. and the past week i was sick with a cold and have just finally gotten over it, well mostly. my nose is still a little stuffy but i'm good.

The past month has been crazy. i finally have 2 days off this week and the first one was yesterday. it felt so good to get some sleep and recharge. my next day off will be saturday. i cant wait. my boyfriend and i got back in touch not long ago with an old friend we lost touch with years ago. we'll all be going out for lunch that day. and another good friend of ours will be in town for a week later this month. i cant wait for that too. i dont get to go out with friends too often. when i wasnt working before i could barely go out because i didnt have the money but had all the time in the world. now that i'm working i dont have the time but have the money. but for now of course i'm happy to be working and making the money that i need.

Also its hard to work 6 nights a week. i might get 2 days off again soon but its hard to say when. the only reason i have 2 days off this week is because some new people got hired and whenever new people get hired at my job the schedules temporarily change. unfortunately new people got hired because two of my co-workers quit for different reasons and another one, who i became friends with, got fired. why exactly, i dont know, everyone shares the same idea of why. i know she feels terrible about it and doesnt really want to talk about it. we think it has alot to do with the head of front desk getting favoritism and talking shit about my friend so she can move ahead in the job. but my friend will be ok. i'll support her as much as i can. i know what its like to get fired and it sucks. some shady things have been going on at my job that i dont like so i'll be starting to look for another job. i wont be leaving this one until another one comes up though. after not having worked so long i'm not leaving my job now to possibly end up the same way. i wanna be smart about what i do.

On another note i'm trying to deal with school as well. its annoying when you try to contact the offices and try to get answers but no one will help you. i love being in school and want my degree but with out money i cant afford to go. i was cut off from financial aid a while back. well i am saving some good money from my job so hopefully i will have enough to pay off the old debt they say i owe them and go back to school for next semester.

Well this is what has been going on with me lately. it feels good to blog again. it may seem all bad but its not really all that bad right now. theres always times of craziness in everyones life. as i said i will be going out more and doing more things soon so i will definitely be doing much better. i hope all my readers are doing well and i will be catching up on your posts in a little while. for now i will be going to get a little more rest and relaxation before going to work tonight. i will be blogging again soon.