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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I love parties!

This weekend i went to a friends birthday party, she had an 80's based theme. what a great time it was. i havent been to a party in a long time. my boyfriend and i had so much fun. some friends werent able to make it which was sad but its ok, maybe next time. i didnt get to dress up as 80's as i wanted to but i did what i could. i did the make up, put hairspray in my hair, did what i could with some old clothes and i was good to go. you should have seen one couple that went to the party. they went all out with the clothes. now my boyfriend wants us to do a theme for our birthdays too which i think is a great idea. i wish we could have done the 80's theme since we love the 80's and our birthdays are only 2 days apart, but oh well, our friend got to it first, lol.

My friend made food, had 80's music ready, liquor and beer ready to go, and she was dressed up as well. we all ate, talked, laughed, dancing to 80's music with 80's dance moves, and rocked out to a Guitar Hero video game later in the evening. i am so happy that i went. i even told my friend that she should have a halloween party. she said she might if she can. i really hope she does, i would definitely get a costume for that. i felt like a kid again.
Some people had to leave the party early for work or church. the other dressed up couple and my boyfriend and i were the last ones left. they left just before we did. as we were about to leave with them my friend asked us to stay to chat. so we did but i had no idea that it would mostly be a sad conversation. she talked to us about financial troubles she was having. it wasnt good. she was hoping we could help her. in reality my boyfriend and i can help a little but it wouldnt be enough. she needs more than what we can do for her. i can only do so much with hurting myself.
It sucks but she has known about this problem for a while and told me nothing before when she would have needed less money. i think she felt embarassed. we talked to her and gave her some ideas of what she could do to get some more money. she needed some time to think although she doesnt have much time. thats the bad news but good news is that she called me not long ago and told me that she was able to work something out and was able to do a payment plan of some kind. now at least she wont need so much money at once and my boyfriend and i wont have to lend her money. this is something she can handle now. although she doesnt want to, she is going to take one of our suggestions to sell some stuff and make some extra money. that should help her out more. i am happy for her that it worked out.
As for me, i dont know. i have been wanting to take care of my debt for a while now but its hard to do. there just isnt enough money for it all. i would love to consolidate everything into 1 payment and have my debt taken care of. i dont really want to do bankruptcy but i dont know where to start or what to do really. i heard different things from different people. if any of my readers know what i could do or have sme suggestions that could help me i would love that.


Maggie said...

I LOVE THE 80S! Sometimes I wish I was a teen during that age! I feel like I don't belong here right now. haha Like the 80's is all me! Oh well!

I'm glad you had a blast! :)

Summer @ B is for Brown said...

i am jealous that you went to this. i love 80's parties. sooo glad you had fun.

Mejis said...

That sounded like a great party! Glad you had fun!

otin said...

It makes me feel so old to think of the 80's a s being retro! LOL!

Luna said...

thanks everyone. yeah i had a great time. i want to do it over again. i hope my friend does have a halloween party. that would definitely be fun and i'm not working that night. even better. :)

sheri amor said...

aw... in the end she went there asking for ur help but I'm glad ur friend has figured out a way to have some money, and as for you i know you are really willing to lend some money to her. And even for the littlest of what you have :) that's really nice to know.. :) oh! the 80's outfit could have been good on you. :)

Jules said...

I'm glad you had fun at the 80's party! It sounds like a great time. The music from the 80's will always be a favorite of mine.

As far as the debt goes, that was really nice of you to offer to help your friend out. For your debt, maybe you can open one card with a high limit and low interest and consolidate onto that. I wish you luck with it.