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Friday, September 11, 2009

Never Forget...

8 years today. can you believe that it has been 8 years. what a horrible day. i could not believe it when it happen. i grew up in Mahanttan so this hurt me too just like any other New Yorker still living there. Well actually this hurt many people around the world. who the hell would have thought 2 planes would go through these buildings and, well we know the rest.

i remember exactly where i was at that time. around the same time in the morning when this happened i was driving to school. i didnt hear anything on the radio because it wasnt turned on. when i got to school i walked to the main building, which is where my class was, and stopped in the lounge where the big tv is and sofas where students would sit and chill. i saw a big crowd gathered around the tv and i wondered what they were watching. thats when i saw it. it was all over the news. i was shocked and so was everyone else around me.

not long after that the school closed down for the rest of the week. i remember how as soon as the announcement came over the speaker everyone went to the garages and parking lots and busses t go home. i did it too but wasnt in as big a hurry only because of the amount of people leaving at the same time. oh man it took forever to get outta there and on the street, listening to the radio the whole way home. once i was home i turned on the tv, called my best friend and most of the rest of t day went like that. talking to my friends on the phone and watching the news.


Lyn said...

Hi Luna. I remember as well. It was very hard for a lot of people.

otin said...

I wrote this right after I started blogging, it was just on my mind that day. You might find it interesting


Maggie said...

I remember I was walking to school, when a friend of mine was like "hey did you see what happened!" and I was like ugh noo! So we ran to school and all the tvs were on. No one said anything that day. It was a scary day.

JennyMac said...

I too shall never forget. Excellent post.

otin said...

Just thought that I would stop by and say hello!