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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

where was I ... ?

After working last night i had errands to run in the morning so when i went to bed yesterday it was 1pm so i spend the day in bed. i guess i must have been tired. i woke up very late around 11pm (was pissed off) and after a while got online and decided to go on my blog again. it had been months. i didnt even realized it until i started looking at my last post. cant believe i havent written anything since before halloween. i feel embarrassed. sometimes people just have stuff going on and get distracted or tired, etc. i honestly have not had the energy or motivation to write. i really should post more often like i used to. i used to be so active on here in the beginning and especially being the holidays i hate that i havent posted or even changed the way my blog looks to go with the holidays. i love doing that and completely missed it. life can get to you. anyway i am going to catch everyone up on what i've been up to this holiday season.

When halloween time came around i was pretty busy having fun. the friday before halloween i went out to a bar with friends to hear a band play. a friend of my friend knew someone playing in that band. on saturday i headed down to key west with a group of friends. around this time of year theres a festival down there called fantasy fest. some of you might have heard of it. its like a crazy street party and it seems like anything goes. i'm not wild and crazy like that but definitely had fun. we headed down by rented bus around noon and headed back up after midnight. the next night i had to go into work but thats ok b/c i had halloween night off and went to south beach with my friends and partied and took pics and stuff. they all left home early. i dont know why but i was still in the mood to party so i continued to have fun on my own and went home later on. got back home around 5am. This halloween weekend was one of the best weekends i have ever had.

For thanksgiving not much happened. my mom was out of town, she didnt expect to be but had to. it was ok. i brought some stuff for thanksgiving dinner and made dinner for my dad and stepdad. that was about it for thanksgiving, just dinner at home and then had to work. its sux to have to work on a holiday but since i work at night i can still enjoy the day.

Christmas was similar to thanksgiving. my mom was originally still supposed to be outta town but came back early for christmas. sadly i got a cold from my dad recently so was still feeling sick before christmas. on christmas eve was supposed to go to my moms for dinner or at least just go somewhere but wasnt feeling up to it so i ended up staying in and watching christmas movies on tv. on christmas i was much better and went over to my moms place, my dad and stepdad were there also. so was my puppy and my moms dog (my puppy's mom). we all had dinner and then exchanged gifts. it was a nice night.

During all of this i really wish my boyfriend could have joined me. i miss him so much. i barely get to see him anymore. he's been working so much lately. i would rather have spent my holiday time with him than anyone else. but i understand his side, he is really focusing on making money right now to get us started off right. soon enough we should be able to get our own place and when we do then he will ease up on work and work a more normal schedule like i do. also once we have a place we will have more peace of mind away from our families and the crappy places we live in now and be able to work together on achieving our goal of owning a business and some real estate so we can stop working jobs. i cant wait. we did have our 12 year anniversary recently. yes 12 years we have been together. we went to a concert and had dinner after wards then hung out for a while.

Updates on my best friend are about the same. we have been talking more lately if you consider texting talking which i dont and i know many of you dont either. at least its something. we only actually talk when she calls me wanting to chat then we can finally chat for a while. i dont bother calling her at this time only b/c every time i have she gets distracted by anything and hangs up not even 5 mins later. oh well i guess this is just how things are with her now with the baby.

for now i'll just deal with it as is and maybe this is how its supposed to be now. i have my job which has been good to me for the 1 1/2 years i have been there and has given me the financial means to do just about whatever i want these days. in the past i had to rely on my best friend to go out most of the time or to pay for me sometimes which is part of the reason i feel the way i do. being able to make stable money has given me opportunities to go out with many friends more often, go to parties, buy things whenever i want, and even go out to things like concerts. i guess life found a way to balance things out for me and i didnt realize as much as i do now while typing this.