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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I cant believe its new years eve already. this year went by so fast. i actually remember what i was doing around this time last year. well for me i unfortunately have to work tonight at midnight. oh well, at least i have a job so thats something to be grateful for during these times. my boyfriend was going to join me tonight but his family really wanted him to go to church with them. if he didnt then they would give him crap for a while. i told him that it was ok. not that i mind that, not at all, but i was hoping he would be with me tonight. looks like i'll have no one to kiss at midnight. i do plan to go see him in the morning after work so it'll be ok.

I just havent been as much in the holiday spirit as i have previous years. this year is the first year i have ever had to work on the holidays, not during, but on the actual holidays of christmas and new years. i guess i am feeling a little down because of it. i'll be ok though.

When i deposited my paycheck today i was looking at the pay stub b/c i noticed my pay was higher than normal. i saw that my rate per hour was increased by $2. i was very happy to see that. now if that is permanent or temporary i dont know for sure. my bosses do own me extra money so that could be how they are paying it to me or maybe i have been doing such good work (i know that i have b/c i have been told so) that they raised my pay. thats something i was happy about.

Well anyway, i hope everyone has a Happy New Year. i hope we all see some nice fireworks tonight. have a great time, lots of fun, be safe, and may the new year bring good things to everyone. see you all next year, lol. :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! i know i havent posted in a little while and i am sorry for that. we all get busy around this time of year. well last time i posted it was thanksgiving. since then a few things have happened.

On nov. 29 my boyfriend and i celebrated our 11th year anniversary together. yes 11 years. we have had a lot of good times and some bad times. every relationship goes through that. regardless i love him very much and can deal with another 11 years, as long as he dont drive me crazy, lol.

I also got a $50 christmas bonus check from work. not great but its something. i have been working a lot lately. unfortunately i had to work this morning and will be working again tonight. i even have to work at midnight on new years. great way to ring in the new year. oh well, as my boyfriend says its better to ring in the new year with a job than without. i think for new years i will get to work on purpose a little late so at least my boyfriend and i can kiss at midnight. or maybe get there a little early, turn on the tv in one of the rooms (if there are any empty ones-i work in a hotel for anyone that doesnt know) watch the ball drop in nyc (i always watch timesquare at new years every year) and ring in the new year together. its better that nothing.

Well for christmas today i stopped by a 7eleven in the morning, brought a few things and went home. i opened a few presents with some family members and we had breakfast together. i got a radio from my dad. my mom is living out of the country and she will be visiting next month. we will have to wait til then to see our gifts. i had to go to bed this morning so i did and slept most of the day. it felt great. i havent slept much in a while. my family went out to see some other family. i havent gotten all of my presents yet. some of my friends had to be with family so my friends and i will be seeing eachother over the next few days to exchange gifts. my boyfriend had to be with family too but i will be going to see him soon before work and we will exchange gifts then. i hope he likes what i got him.

I will be catching up on everyone's blogs soon
. well everyone i hope you all had a great christmas. have a good night, keep warm, love eachother and enjoy eachothers company.