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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! trick or treat, lol. i love this holiday; the candy, the costumes, scary movies, and ghost shows on tv (ghost adventures is my fav).

Well as for me i will be working tonight. its ok, i work on the beach so i will still get to enjoy candy and halloween costumes anyway. besides i havent had a trick or treator in years, and none of my friends ever throw halloween parties. thats ok, i usually go to a club or maybe an area (an outdoor mall near near my job for example) and just have fun with friends. i dont really dress up anymore since i dont feel the need to waste the money unless my friends do or i am going to a party or somewhere where most people are dressing up. i do miss dressing up, i love costumes. this year i did buy some cute cat ears so i guess that is my costume.

Anyway for those of you that will be going out tonight i hope you have a great time, be safe, and eat your candy. i know i will. ;)

And please feel free to enjoy the vids on the left side of my blog. the character talking is named foamy. i love the series, its hilarious, and much of what is said is true and makes you think while entertaining you. i suggest you watch the vids i posted, you'll love them. the creator has made a lot of them. if you would like to see more you can go on youtube or the website, http://www.illwillpress.com/. i posted part 2 above part 1 b/c part 1 is from halloween last year, part 2 is for this year.

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Pumpkin Time...

Just yesterday i stopped by a pumpkin patch near a park i went to yesterday. a friend of mine invited me to a picnic. when i saw the pumpkin patch i decided to stop by after the picnic and walk around and take some pics. i'm going to share some with you.

I had a great time. i actually havent been in a patch like this before. i have gone to places to buy pumpkins and stuff but never this nice. it was nice to also see all those families out there enjoying themselves and taking pics. the second picture shows a section of the patch where you can pay for your pumpkins and buy other stuff like teddy bears, drinks, pumpkin bread loaf, etc. i brought a cute little teddy bear thats holding a pumpkin and is wearing a little black shirt saying happy halloween. all the money (i think all, or maybe most, not sure) went to charity. i will show a pic of it in my next post.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Being Appreciated...

I just finished working 7 days straight. wasn't too bad but i'm glad i didn't have to work last night. gotta go back tonight but at least i feel more rested. anyway this long week that i worked was a little different b/c i had to do some training. not myself actually but 2 new people that were hired. i personally don't really like to train but was flattered. my supervisors told me that they thought i was the best employee there and that's why they choose me to do it. they even choose me over the guy that trained me when i started. they thought i would train the people good. i am happy that my job thinks of me that way. its nice to be appreciated, especially when others jobs haven't.

Well i hope that i did train them good, i think i did. either way we will soon see. they will be starting on their own soon and will have to prove themselves. i thought that one of them did better than the other, jobwise. i even thought that only one would be hired but i guess they will be trying them both out. lets see how that goes, i hope they do well. i am just glad to be done with training. the new people were nice and fun to chat with but i'm just one of those people that prefers to do their work alone, and my job is more peaceful that way too. yeah i like to chat with my coworkers but when i do my work i prefer to be alone. my boyfriend and even my parents asked me if i was training replacements for myself. thanks for being happy for me everyone :/

Whatever, its my job and its important what i think about it and how i do my work. they aren't there with me and aren't doing my job for me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who loves cooler weather? I do.

For the first time yesterday i felt the temp change here in miami. i work on the beach and when i left work yesterday morning the breeze that came in from the ocean felt nice and cool. its the first time in a long time that it felt that way. it felt great. it was the same way today, nice and cool and cloudy. i cant wait for the temp to get a little cooler so i can start wearing sweaters. also, not having to use air conditioning all the time is nice too. it saves money and natural cool air is best anyway.

Friday, October 1, 2010

October?! when did that happen...

I cant believe its october already. where did the time go? i love every season for different reasons but i think Fall is my favorite one. the temp starts to cool down (not much in my area so far), you can wear more clothes, a lot of shows start their new season, and its the start of the best holidays of the year (in my opinion). more horror movies start to come out in theaters. the leaves start to change color too. well i unfortunately dont see that since south florida doesnt really have the types of trees that change in fall but i'm fine with that. i could always road trip to see that if i want.

Well as i said its october already. what do you think about that? what do you love about this time of year?