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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween everyone! trick or treat, lol. i love this holiday; the candy, the costumes, scary movies, and ghost shows on tv (ghost adventures is my fav).

Well as for me i will be working tonight. its ok, i work on the beach so i will still get to enjoy candy and halloween costumes anyway. besides i havent had a trick or treator in years, and none of my friends ever throw halloween parties. thats ok, i usually go to a club or maybe an area (an outdoor mall near near my job for example) and just have fun with friends. i dont really dress up anymore since i dont feel the need to waste the money unless my friends do or i am going to a party or somewhere where most people are dressing up. i do miss dressing up, i love costumes. this year i did buy some cute cat ears so i guess that is my costume.

Anyway for those of you that will be going out tonight i hope you have a great time, be safe, and eat your candy. i know i will. ;)

And please feel free to enjoy the vids on the left side of my blog. the character talking is named foamy. i love the series, its hilarious, and much of what is said is true and makes you think while entertaining you. i suggest you watch the vids i posted, you'll love them. the creator has made a lot of them. if you would like to see more you can go on youtube or the website, http://www.illwillpress.com/. i posted part 2 above part 1 b/c part 1 is from halloween last year, part 2 is for this year.

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Maggie said...

I love Halloween too except for the scary movies I'm such a chicken!! hahaha