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Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Pumpkin Time...

Just yesterday i stopped by a pumpkin patch near a park i went to yesterday. a friend of mine invited me to a picnic. when i saw the pumpkin patch i decided to stop by after the picnic and walk around and take some pics. i'm going to share some with you.

I had a great time. i actually havent been in a patch like this before. i have gone to places to buy pumpkins and stuff but never this nice. it was nice to also see all those families out there enjoying themselves and taking pics. the second picture shows a section of the patch where you can pay for your pumpkins and buy other stuff like teddy bears, drinks, pumpkin bread loaf, etc. i brought a cute little teddy bear thats holding a pumpkin and is wearing a little black shirt saying happy halloween. all the money (i think all, or maybe most, not sure) went to charity. i will show a pic of it in my next post.


sheri amor said...

OH my... lots of pumpkins ... are there big ones? i heard there's a lot in your country though

sheri amor said...

i want a pumpkin patch here too.. is that like a contest?

Luna said...

hi sheri. yes there are alot of pumpkins here during october b/c of halloween. no its not a contest. its the actually the property of a church. this church does that every year. i dont know where they get the pumpkins but the pumpkins are there for people to buy them. they sell other items too. the money goes to charity. and its also a chance for people to stop by, take pics, and have fun.