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Friday, October 22, 2010

Being Appreciated...

I just finished working 7 days straight. wasn't too bad but i'm glad i didn't have to work last night. gotta go back tonight but at least i feel more rested. anyway this long week that i worked was a little different b/c i had to do some training. not myself actually but 2 new people that were hired. i personally don't really like to train but was flattered. my supervisors told me that they thought i was the best employee there and that's why they choose me to do it. they even choose me over the guy that trained me when i started. they thought i would train the people good. i am happy that my job thinks of me that way. its nice to be appreciated, especially when others jobs haven't.

Well i hope that i did train them good, i think i did. either way we will soon see. they will be starting on their own soon and will have to prove themselves. i thought that one of them did better than the other, jobwise. i even thought that only one would be hired but i guess they will be trying them both out. lets see how that goes, i hope they do well. i am just glad to be done with training. the new people were nice and fun to chat with but i'm just one of those people that prefers to do their work alone, and my job is more peaceful that way too. yeah i like to chat with my coworkers but when i do my work i prefer to be alone. my boyfriend and even my parents asked me if i was training replacements for myself. thanks for being happy for me everyone :/

Whatever, its my job and its important what i think about it and how i do my work. they aren't there with me and aren't doing my job for me.


Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife said...

I'm sure you did a great job, especially when they chose you over the person who trained you :-) I always liked training because that way I could make sure the new people were trained right, not because I was great or anything, but usually the trainers were people who'd never even done the job!

Luna said...

thanks katie. you make a good point. a lot of jobs have people train that know nothing or havent done the job.