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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why are holidays being rushed?

To tell you the truth, i really hate when stores bring out holiday items too early. for example last year i was seeing christmas stuff in stores before thanksgiving, but this year christmas stuff is out even before halloween was here. i really hate that. why so early. yeah you can get the stuff cheaper when buying earlier but at the same time you limit the shelf space and therefore you limit the amount of holiday items you can display. makes no sense to me but i guess business wise it does. even then business wise i still say its too early.

I especially noticed this in walgreens. i love walgreens but even they annoy me when they do this. i was in a walgreens not long before halloween to buy some candy. there was halloween and autumn/thanksgiving and christmas stuff all up in the same isle ready for selling. i wanted to take a pic but felt weird and didnt want anyone to think i was weird for doing it, and i didnt know if i would get in trouble either, probably not but who knows.

I remember a friend once telling me that they dont mind b/c they like christmas and want to get as much of it as they can. but if they are not hanging up christmas stuff early or celebrating any part of it yet then what is the point. you can still get the same cheap prices for christmas stuff if you start buying in early december like i do.

Whatever, i just feel like stores are trying to make time go by faster and it is already doing that on its own. time doesnt need any help, i actually wish it would slow down a bit. to me i dont start buying any christmas stuff til december 1st. yes i think about christmas before december b/c i love christmas but i like things simple and my holidays in their order. october = halloween, novmeber = thanksgiving (and black friday but that is a whole other post for another time), and december = christmas and new years after. thats just me.

What are your opinions about this? i am sure that at least some of you have seen this in your areas. i would love to know your thoughts about it.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Personally, I just don't like the anger that accompanies holidays. People seem to get so caught up in making their homes beautiful for company, and buying expensive presents that the entire TRUE holiday experience is forgotten. It makes me sad. "Where are you Christmas?" :(

Luna said...

i agree.

Maggie said...

I agree with you and with Cafe Fashionista!

Christmas is all about the expensive gifts and not about family reuniting like back in the days. And sometimes we can also get caught up in it so we have to be careful and not forget.

Luna said...

very true maggie.