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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Since friday my water heater has been broken. today it finally gets replaced after a bunch of bullshit. first they tell me monday they will come, they dont of course. they tell me they came yesterday bt i was home all day and no one stopped by. finally they come today and replace my water heater. it felt good to take a normal hot shower again. i have been having to heat up water on the stove and take it to the bathroom. its not like i havent had to do it in the past. i have lived in very cold climates where water cut off. i have dealt with hurricanes and the same thing has happens. it can happen to anyone.

I''m honestly glad that november is over. november is kind of a crazy month for me. there are good things and bad things. i have birthdays to deal with, my anniversary, thanksgiving, and 2 deaths as well. besides the deaths the other stuff is fine.

On the 12th of november my dog had died 2 years ago. i still miss her. she was 15 when she passed away. not sure what her cause of death actually was but the vet said that she was just really old and i guess it was her time. i was really hurt. i raised her parents from puppies and then raised her. i wish i had a pic of her on my computer. i would post it. maybe another time. i'm mentioning this now b/c my best friend called me this morning and told me that a puppy she had months ago and had given away to a friend of hers was hit by a car and died today. very sad. so i guess to feel better she started asking me questions from the time my dog had died. i started to cry a bit. i cant help it. i loved my dog very much and still miss her but it has gotten better over time.

The second death is of a good friend of mine. he passed away on november 28 from a car accident, so its 10 years now that he died. some asshole and cut him off on a road when he was out with some friends and he unfortunately lost control of the car and crashed. the crash caused him to fly out of the car and i think it was the impact that killed him or maybe the crash. not sure but thats what i was told happened. the guy that cut him off was never found.

These are sad events but i like to think that time helps to heal and it has for me. in the meantime its december and i love december and the holidays. christmas is coming up and its a great time for being positive and feeling good and other good things like that.


otin said...

It is tough when you associate a month with deaths :(

I was without hot water for three weeks this Summer. It wasn't too bad because it was Summer, but a cold shower sucks anytime!

Maggie said...


These two last months are just insane, emotional for most people. We remember things that happen to us good and bad. But you are right we have to enjoy now what we are living and remember those who have left us but left us a mark in our hearts.

Mejis said...

This time of the year is always bad for me because something crappy usually happens. I might post about it sometime.
Repair men never come when they say they will. Neither do the telephone or cable companies.