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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anniversary Time!

I meant to post this yesterday but it was a busy day so i didnt have time. but yes yesterday the 29th was my anniversary with my boyfriend. 10 years. yeah 10 years. we've had ups and downs but overall a great relationship. i know that some of you might be thinking (just as my friends have told me) why havent we gotten married yet. well we just havent felt the need to. we want to and plan to but we're very happy the way things are. when we are ready we'll get married. i choose the pic because it reminds me of my boyfriend and me. we like to look at the moon and it looks like us too. lol. i think its cute.

Well yesterday i was asleep a good part of the day. i have been so tired from work lately. i hate working with so many people. not co-workers but customers. i miss the jobs i used to have where i worked alone in a small office and never dealt with anyone except taking phone calling or seeing the boss only on payday. my water heater was messed up and i couldnt take a hot shower for a few day. not good since this happens when the weather is cold. i would have to take a cool shower but at least i still had water. it was fixed this morning so i got to take a nice warm shower and wash my hair. funny how i get my hot water back and the weather warmed up again. life is funny.

Anyway, we hung out together yesterday to celebrate. i had to work in the evening unfortunately so we didnt have a lot of time but it was enough. we went to a movie. he wanted to see "ninja assassin." good movie, a lot of action and blood shed. although the blood was over exaggerated but still a good movie. then we got some dinner (italian) and came back to my place. i sursprised him with ice cream and cake, a chocolate cake that i baked myself. i love to bake but dont do it often. he loved it. it was a nice anniversary. he says it was perfect because we were together and it was simple and fun, and he got to eat chocolate. lol. he is so sweet.

Well, too bad i had to work last night or we would've spend more time together. i have to work tonight too. as soon as i finish this post i have to get ready to leave. i am really starting to get tired of working overnight but the overnight shift from my job has the benefits of not dealing with as many people, the 2nd half of the night is empty and quiet because most people are sleep, i'm not watched on camera as much as the day people are. too bad i dont get paid more to work overnight. everyone asks me if i dont because usually some overnight jobs do get paid more. oh well, i just try to remind myself that i am lucky to have my job and have any money for the holidays. then i feel better again, at least until the next time i go to work. lol. anyway have a good night everyone.


Lyn said...

How Sweet. Many more to come. Congratulations!

Maggie said...


I hope to someday find someone special too!

Luna said...

thanks guys.

Mejis said...

Wow 10 years! Happy Anniversary!

Ebony Haywood said...

Congrats! That's so fantastic!