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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Time to start the holidays...

Well we're getting close to that time of years again. thats right, the holidays. in less than 2 weeks we'll be eating turkey and not long after that getting presents. i love the holidays but hate how fast they come and go. oh well, just gotta enjoy as much of it as possible.

I have noticed some of my fellow bloggers are going to send out holiday cards to their readers. i think it is a great idea and i have decided to do the same. i love getting and sending holiday cards. i havent done much of it the past few years.

So to all my readers i would love to send you a card for the holidays. just send me an email with the name you want me to use and an address to send the card to. i plan to send cards out the 1st or 2nd week of december.

Email me at mccgirl2009@gmail.com. i hope to hear from you soon. have a good sunday everyone.


Jules said...

That is really nice of you to do! I love the holidays so much and like you said, they come and go too quickly.

Maggie said...

I use to do that with a lot of my chat friends but not anymore like everyone vanished or something. lol I think that is awesome! :)

Lyn said...

Pretty. Your blog looks fantastic! Oh and I love getting cards too. I am horrible at remembering to mail my own. Usually I get them all filled out and them I find them right before new years.