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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Racism and jobs...basically being stupid.

Hello my readers. my post today is about some idiot that came into my job the other day with his girlfriend to fill out some applications for jobs. the girl is very nice and respectful while he is a racist asshole. there are no more jobs available there anymore but we always take applications.

Here's where the racism comes in. the guy asks me a few questions about the positions there. i answer them as i am getting the applications, hand them to him, and then he tells me "well someones about to get fired. cubans have very sticky fingers. they steal everything thats not nailed down. i know one of the employees is gonna get fired soon."

Needless to say i couldnt believe what this guy just said. the hotel i work in is owned by rich cubans, the restaurant in the hotel serves cuban food, some of the employees (including the managers) are cuban, and we're in miami (which has a high hispanic population). i dont know wtf this guy was thinking but i was disgusted. i dont tolerate racism of any kind and i sure as hell wouldnt work with this asshole. by the time he said this he already had the application in hand. he left to fill it out at a table outside and when they came back in. i took the applications, i said bye to them, and put away the applications...well i did at first. as soon as they were gone i took his application, relieved some stress from the work week on the application by ripping the hell out of it and throwing it away. that felt good. the front desk has a camera so i could be seen doing this but since there was no manager at that time i wasnt questioned about it. if i ever am i have no problem explaining why.

What would you do in a situation like this? the same thing i did? nothing? something different? would you say something to him? would you tell him to get the hell out? i am curious to know your thoughts about this.


Maggie said...

Damn what an ass! I don't think I would have told him anything at that moment and I would just wish he'd go away soon!!

I have no idea what I would have done. Maybe I would have done the same or maybe talk to the manager about it and see what he does and says.

Luna said...

lol i couldnt have said it better. that guy was an ass. if he would have said what he said a little sooner i would have told him to leave but he already had the application in hand. either way it was more fun to make him waste his time filling it out.

Shayna said...

I'm perennially shocked by the things people say - and feel totally justified in saying. I work with a few people who make remarks that make my eyebrows want to jump up into my hairline in shock - and they have no idea...

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sometimes I think that silence is golden. When you don't waste time fighting back with an ignorant individual, it annoys them even more! :)

Taj Acosta said...

What an idiot! I would have been like I'm Cuban! even if I wasn't! It's hard when you are at work, because you have to take the high road, but good job ripping up his application. I guess it got stuck in the sticky trash! xoxo

otin said...

I would have noted it on the application that he said that he did not trust Cubans. No one would be able to get mad at you for that!

Luna said...

thanks for the comments everyone.

shayna: some things dont shock me anymore while other things do. theres always something new everyday.

cafe f: i agree, silence is golden. yes some people get pissed when you dont react. that can be pretty funny depending on what happens.

taj: i hate having to take the high road when i'm at work even when the person i am dealing with is an asshole. thats how jobs are.

otin: even if no one would get mad at me it still felt so good when i ripped it up after he left. no one has asked me about it as of yet so i guess either no one cares or no one has seen me do it in the camera.

Kristin said...

It's sad to hear that people are still so ignorant in this day and age!