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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling Free...

Hello everyone. i hope that everyone had a good long weekend this holiday. unfortunately i had to work but the last day i worked on Monday, the actual holiday, was insane. so many check outs to deal with and check ins. i was exhausted by the end of the day.

Well as most people were on on their holiday and are now back to work i was getting fired from my job. yes, you read correctly, i was let go from my job. lol, that's a first for me, getting fired on a holiday. i actually wasn't the only one. my co-worker, the other person that was hired around the same time that i was, was also fired. it was strange both of us getting called into the office at the same time. i was coming off of my shift and my co-worker was starting.

I had a feeling getting called up to the office wouldnt be good and i already had the feeling for a while that i wouldnt be there long. i didnt want to be anyway. i have gotten to the point of not caring if i get fired from a job or not and that same attitude has helped me get other jobs right away. i wasnt happy there and besides i have money saved and my boyfriend is working and told me i dont have to work again. he has money saved up too.

The manager gave us different reasons for letting us go but anyway whatever the reason i no longer have my job but thats ok. i feel great and i feel free. like i said i wasnt happy there anyway. my boyfriend is proud of me for what i said and how i am keeping a positive attitude. my best friend feels kinda bad for me but i told her not to. even though i just got fired on monday i already have job interviews this week. i am also going to relax with finding jobs. since i really dont need the money as much i will now look for a job thats more part time and something that i enjoy doing. i am great at office work but enjoy food service. if i find something full time thats ok too. not being in school gives me the time to work for now.

Well thats my situation right now. lets see how soon i can get another job. besides this one good thing is that my boyfriend ensures me that we will be able to move soon. we almost have enough money saved up. i am so happy to hear that. it seems that for once things are going good and going our way. hopefully before i know it i'll be able to move and have a job that i can enjoy.


sheri amor said...

oh i'm glad you let go of your job.. it'll be suicide if your working and then your not really enjoying ur job huh? good for you and ur bf.. i hope i have lots of saving like you do :P i sometimes hate my job.. but, i tend to make it fun in my way

Luna said...

thanks for your comment. yeah a job is hard if you dont enjoy it anyway which i did but i am ok with that. i tried to enjoy it and make it more fun but when you are being watched on camera the whole time and always have the manager on you then it hard to have fun.