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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making changes...

Hi everyone. as you can see my blog looks a little different now. ok maybe a lot different. i just noticed the new template design feature for blogger so i decided to work on it. so after a while of working on my blog i have it the way i like it. what do you think? i have added new stuff including a video section. i will be posting videos of stuff i like and want to share so keep an eye out. i have also added pictures, a chat box, and more. it took a while but was worth it. for a while i had looked and looked for a new design but found none that i liked. so at least with this i can play around with my blog and make changes easily to suit me. i also noticed some of the blogs i follow have made changes too.

At t he moment i am still looking for a job. it feels a little weird not having one after having worked for a while. oh well, something will come soon enough. i am just grateful that i was able to save enough money just in case another job doesnt come up soon.

I was going to post about it before but forgot. last week i went to the movies and saw Shrek: Forever After in 3D. as a movie i liked it. i thought it was good, but as for being the last movie in the series i say it could have been better. for the story line they should have added more details and definitely it should have been longer. it was only about 1 1/2 hours long. that just sucks b/c i love the Shrek movies and such a short time for the final movie was disappointing. but i would still say go see it, it is good to see anyway.

I will be catching up on blogs tomorrow. right now i am tired and sleepy. its off to bed with me. i hope everyone has a good day.


Maggie said...

Yeah, I logged in last night and saw the new features which is so much easier to change! I like your template! I hope you find a job soon! I don't feel like seeing shrek's last movie i dunno why. I love shrek but maybe don't wanna be sad to see it end. LOL

Mejis said...

Awesome new look!
I know the Shrek movies by heart thanks to my daughter. She loves her some Shrek. lol

Luna said...

maggie: thanks. i feel sad that its the last movie too. originally there was supposed to be 2 more movies to equal a total of 5. i forget but something had happened and now there is only this 4th movie.

mejis: thanks. i dont have kids but am a kid at heart and i still love animation. the shrek series is different from other animated films and i guess thats why i like it. its a unique type of fairy tale i think.