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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good teachers deserve to be recognized...

This past sunday i went to a retirement luncheon for a former high school teacher of mine, a music teacher. many of the people that went were in the band or did a lot of music stuff back in school or maybe even did a music major or something similar after high school. i have always loved music but mainly listening to it or playing the piano (i did when i was younger) was my kind of thing. i would love to play instruments again but just dont have the time.

Back during my 10th grade year i had a music class with this teacher and i loved it. i chose to play the drums. truth be told the other drummers and i would practice, as we were told by the teacher, in a small room in the classroom. it was kinda of a storage room but very spacey and since drums were loud we wouldnt disturb anyone else. we loved it. we played more card games than we did practice, but dont worry, we all did practice on our own at home.

This music teacher has been teaching for 35 years. wow, can you image that. more than half of those years he taught at my high school. there were many people at the luncheon, some were unable to attend but i would say were there in spirit, some send emails and videos saying how they wished they couldve been there, others were pissed off that they didnt know or couldnt go for whatever reason. either way my friends and i had a great time. the food sucked big time but it was still fun. the teacher got awards, letters, videos, gifts, donations, and more from everyone. he even got a letter from Obama. he is an amazing teacher. as everyone says the music program at my school wont be the same with him gone.

On a sad note, i believe the main reason he is retiring this year (he wasnt planning to) is because his wife passed away some months ago from cancer. she taught at the same school as him. so sad for him to start his retirement and a new chapter in his life without the one he loves. i know i am going to give my man a big hug and kiss today and tell him i love him. i always do it anyway.

When you have a good teacher you will always remember that. there are many i remember for bad reasons but really good teachers are few and far between. do any of you have a memorial teacher? what subject did they teach? cant wait to hear your stories.


Kristin said...

Ugh. I can't even imagine living without the my hubs. So sad!

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Luna said...

sounds good kristin, i'll definitely stop by.

Maggie said...

I had an amazing french teacher back in HS. She passed away in our senior year from cancer. She was amazing and always very motivating! I love her and each time I have a problem at school or feel unmotivated I always remember her and how even with cancer and all the pain she felt because of it she still went and taught us!

otin said...

I have some teachers who I really respected and would like to know what ever happened to them. I should research that some!

Your music teacher sounds like a very nice man!