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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gotta love Tim Burton...

This monday my boyfriend and i went to see Alice in Wonderland. we loved it and want to see it again. we saw it in normal 2D but we should have done 3D. the timing didnt work out so thats why. it was a great movie either way. this movie is pretty much a sequel. i loved the idea of Alice more grown up and going back to Wonderland and seeing what happens. i love Tim Burton and his imagination. i wonder what his next movie will be about?

Well this is my 2nd week at the new job. so far it is going pretty good. the full time hours are annoying but while i am not able to go to school for the moment i might as well work as much as i can. i need to save money. the managers are impressed with how well i am doing and how fast i am learning, which is good. i hope to stay at this job for a little while and get the things that i need. for now that is my own apartment and maybe a car. i am looking for a place near work and if i can find one that i can afford then i wont need a car. i can get a car later on and perhaps take care of school earlier. my boyfriend has a car that we share so we are good with that. we shall see how things go but for now i just need to do well at this job and do some planning for the future and save some money.

Well everyone i will be getting ready for work now and will be on my way soon. i hope everyone is doing well. i would like to ask a question. how many of you are working jobs/careers that you like/wanted or are you doing something you dont like b/c you need to pay the bills (like i am doing at this moment)?


Maggie said...

I'm going to go see alice this wednesday! :) Thanks for the good review about it.

I'm glad you have found a new job! And yeah, try to save as much as you can, although sometimes it can be sooo darn hard!

Luna said...

i know what you mean. i could have saved more from my last job but a lot of things came up at that time. my boyfriend got a car himself but i have helped him with insurance and maintenance. i have helped my parents and also have had other things to take care of financially. but now that most of those other things are taken care i can concentrate on saving for an apartment or school. hopefully i can do both but we'll see.

Lyn said...

I love my job! I wish it paid more though. I want to eventually open my own bookstore for fun. That's going to be a long time from now though. Unless I hit the Lotto.

I went to see Alice as well and was mixed about it. Johnny Depp was awesome as the Mad Hatter, as was Helena as the Red Queen. I just got bored at times. I think I placed to much hope in it's outcome.

Luna please try to keep your chin up. Jobs come and go, but your health is at risk if you are miserable at what you do. Take care of yourself.

Luna said...

thanks lyn.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I still haven't seen this film! I feel horrible; I'm the biggest Alice fan EVER!! :)

Beth Dunn said...

I do what I love, but I don't make any money (yet, I hope). There are always pros and cons. It's part of your journey!xoxo

otin said...

I hope that they have improved 3d. It used to give me a headache in the old days.