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Friday, August 13, 2010

It feels good to be back...

Hello everyone and happy friday the 13th. i didnt even realize it was until a friend of mine mentioned it. it feels good to be back. i am sorry i havent posted in a while. a lot has happened. last month i had an accident while going to work. my boyfriend was dropping me off at work and it was a stormy night. we both got out of the car and were hugging goodbye when a large metal object hit me in the head. we're not sure where it came from since it was a stormy night. it did cut me so my boyfriend drove me to the hospital right away. it happened only 10 mins before my shift was suppose to start. my boyfriend called my job and told them what happened so they could get someone to cover my shift. i ended up having to get 8 staples in my head. yes it was painful getting the staples but at least after the initial hit in the head and getting the staples i am fine and have no pain. i am very thankful that i am ok and that it wasnt worse. the staples came out a week later, that was painful too, and i have healed just fine. i actually went back to work the next day after getting hit.

Since then i have been working more hours at work, helping friends, helping my parents (one moved recently so i had to help with that), and i have been feeling down lately. i am pretty much ok but i have been frustrated living with family lately. my boyfriend and i are almost at a point to get our own place. it cant come soon enough in my opinion. i am a patient person so it will come soon enough. having to share a car is frustrating too. my boyfriend is going to help me get a car but i still have to wait for that too for a little while longer. the important thing is that we are working towards our goals together and having a little patience will pay off.

Basically i havent been posting b/c of all this and as i said, feeling down. but i have been feeling much better mentally and spiritually so i should be posting as normal again soon. i will soon catch up on all of your blogs as well. for now i am going to relax and get a little rest. i have to work later. i hope everyone has been doing good lately.


Mejis said...

Glad to hear you're ok!

Bri said...

cute blog! what a crazy accident you had there-but glad you're okay!

Lyn said...

Welcome back Luna. I am really glad that you are OK. I took a break as well and am back to my word spewing.

Staples huh? Never had them and hopefully never will. You are one tough cookie.

Love the new look too.


Luna said...

thanks everyone for the comments and compliments. yes i hope you never have to get staples either lyn. they do hurt. i am just fine but even now my boyfriend still worries about me very much. he always asks me hows my head. he's so sweet.

Maggie said...

That is freaking scary!! But I am so glad you are doing better girl!! Hope to hear from you soon!! *hugs*

Luna said...

thanks maggie.