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Friday, May 1, 2009

1st pay day has arrived!

Hello fellow bloggers. This is my first blog and i'm happy to do it. I know that many people are suffering in this economy. I was recently unemployed too. I just started a new job last week and it is going good. I finally get my first pay check today in about a year and a half. Yeah it has been that long since i worked and the job search was hell during that time. I did everything from searching online, to checking newspaper, networking, asking friends, apply in person, and more.

Basically you have to keep going and keep trying. The job i have i almost didnt get it because i wasnt even planning on going in to interview. I saw the ad online and it said to stop by during some particular days to apply in person. There were only 2 days that they were interviewing and i didnt go the first day because something came up and i was busy. The second day i was thinking of not going simply because i wasnt in the mood to go out. I was feeling lazy and depressed. But somehow i decided to get off my ass and just stop by. I thought to myself "why not, you never know." So i went, although not feeling too confident about getting the job. I guess the not getting as many interviews and a lot of rejection over the past year can wear you down. But after going there and interviewing with the manager for a little while she, at some point, told me to wait and that she would be right back. So i wait and wait. After a while i was going to tell one of the staff members to tell the manager i had to leave. I got tired of waiting but just as i was thinking about doing it the manager comes back out and tells me to go back the next day and start training. I couldnt believe it. I thanked her and left to go go home.

I was so happy i started calling people to tell them. It goes to show that if you keep trying it will happen for you. We all have situation where we get depressed or have things that have stopped us from getting jobs or other things we want. The important thing is to keep trying and doing your best and it will happen. If you dont try then nothing happens.

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