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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Got bad mood?

Well here we are again and another rant about work. It all started on the way to work last night. First off, it was raining, a thunder storm actually. I couldnt get a ride so as usual i had to take the bus. At first everythings ok and i didnt get very wet but when i got on the second bus the driver instead of waiting until i am completely inside the door he slams it shut and my umbrella got caught and broke. It was useless and had to be thrown away. He gave me a lame ass pathetic "oh, sorry," and what looked to be teenagers high off their asses couldnt stop laughing. I called him a few choice words under my breathe and then sat down.

Then when i get off the bus the bus driver could have driven up a little further so the people and me wouldnt get their feet wet but he wouldnt, even after i asked him if he would. So having to get to work soon i got off and my shoes got a little wet but nothing big, at least until i crossed the street. Much of the area was flooded. I checked and looked and there was just no way i could get into work without getting more wet so i just had to go for it. I tried jumping through the water to get to the door faster. Of course i got wet regardless. I hate getting my shoes, pants, and feet wet. So with wet feet, pants, and shoes i go inside to clock in. I'm sure everyone around me could sense my bad mood but people still talked to me. People keep bothering me, and asking me questions, and distrubing my work, and despite how nice they were or not i really had to resist the urge to tell them off, but of course bosses look down on that and will likely fire me. I am so glad that i have a lot of patience. I know its not a good thing to do and i am very good at separating personal from business but last night was just too much.
Thankfully there is a laundry room in my building so i put my socks and shoes in there to dry. Not feeling great at having to work barefoot for about an hour but the time passed quickly. I was so happy when my socks and shoes dried, i started to feel better. As the night went on things calmed down and got quiet and i was able to get some thing to eat and get work down. Then when i get home i went right to bed. I was tired and sleepy from working all night and needed some rest to get over the bad mood completely. After i got some sleep i felt much better, the mood was gone and it was another day. We all have those days where we've just had enough. But just remember to do your best to let it out at the proper place and time. In my case, no need to blow up at some idiot at work and get fired over it. After all the work and time it took me to get a job, hell no i'm not losing it over something stupid.


b is for brown said...

i hear ya! my goodness. what a day! like a fried egg, keep your sunny side up! my dad's saying...

Magic City College Girl said...

lol what a great saying, and hey i like fried eggs, i should remember that more often. thanks for the comment. i have felt much better since then and even though i was given extra hours at work this week i will take it as a good thing. more hours = more money = getting a car sooner. :)

otin said...

Check this blog out, she is one of my followers, you seem to have some things in common! http://thatkollegegirl.blogspot.com/

Katie said...

I hate when I have days like this. I usually end up crying and then laughing about it later.

Magic City College Girl said...

i have done the same thing katie. at the moment its just too much to deal with and then when you feel fine again later you can laugh and relax again.