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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Job Hunting...

So i went out with some friends last night for dinner. I used those KFC free meal meal coupons. What a rip off. Turns out that the huge demand for the free meals that now when you go to a KFC and turn in a coupon they just have you sign something and send you a coupon in the mail later on as a rain check. That sucked but anyway, as my friends an i were talking all kinds of subjects came up, including job hunting. One of them isnt working and she was telling us what it was that she did to find a job. Well unlike many people today she wasnt doing enough to find herself a job that she says she really needs.

My other friend and i gave her some advice on what else she can do to job search. I hope she takes the advice and she should find something soon enough. Like many other people out there i did just about everything i could think of to get a job. I looked online, in papers, networked, applied to places in person, asked friends, went to hiring events, etc. I'm pretty sure i did more stuff but cant remember everything right now. Its hard out there right now. All i can say is try as many different methods as you can to find a job. Like me, you just might get one when least expected.

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