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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I don't get it...

The other day while at work i was waiting for one of my co-workers to come in and take over. I couldnt wait to get home, i was very tired. After she came in we talked for a minute and she had mentioned that one of the guests offered her a job. It would just be a summer position but it would be a exclusive position in an exclusive place up north.

First i didnt understand how the hell she managed that. First off she is rude to clients, never smiles, is impatient, and has complaints against her. All my other co-workers are great and have good attitudes and they agree that they dont like to work around her. I'll admit that she knows her job and does it well but what i dont understand is how she was offered this job. Somehow she must have been lucky enough to be nice one time to the right person. I myself have not seen her smile at anyone. He even wrote her a letter of recommendation that she showed me. I dont know how the hell she got that offer. She told me she is not sure if she should take it or not. I told her to think about it, weigh her options, and if the offer is worth it then go for it. I dont encourage people to leave opportunities just because of how i feel, thats a separate issue. Yeah i'll admit that i'm a bit pissed off about it. I am so nice to people and help them out even if its not part of my job but yet she gets offered a great summer position for not really caring about her job. Life is a bitch sometimes.

I just dont know why certain people get things that they dont really deserve while others deserve it more. The world seems to work that way. Well i dont know what her decision will be but it just makes me wonder whats the point of being so nice to people sometimes if it gets you no where. It seems that maybe being a bitch will get me more in life then just being myself. But then again i just dont like to be a bitch for no reason. Some people can but its just not me. Besides if i acted the way that my co-worker does i might end up getting fired while she still has her job. Thats another thing too, how the hell do some people get away with keeping their jobs while acting like this, while others do their best and end up fired. There are quite a few customer story situation my friends have told me about that would be perfect examples of this. Life can be great and yet so screwed up at other times.


Mejis said...

I don't understand it, either. It's not fair.

Magic City College Girl said...

Tell me about it. it seems like this kind of thing happens a lot. thats why i somethimes think that i should just act like i dont give a shit about my job and just be a bitch. maybe i will get me better job offers or money given to me or who knows what.