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Monday, May 18, 2009

Co-workers at it again.

Ok, so i'm working now but should actually be home. I was supposed to just work a 5-11pm shift today but my relief never showed up. Yeah thats right, no one came. At first i think that the person is just a little late, thats normal here. I call the guy and nothing. After asking around i find out from another co-worker that he just quit yesterday. I mean WTF! Didnt he consider that no one might be able to do this shift. I heard that he got another job but damn, at least finish up the shift.

There's nothing i can do about that but considering that his shift was late and the manager was not around i wonder if she even knows or not. I know he was kinda fed up with the job so maybe he didnt even call the manager. I know he quit during the middle of his shift and got another co-worker to come in so maybe he didnt care enough to let the manager know. People do crazy things when it comes to work. I called all my other co-workers. No one can do it. They all work mostly the day shift and need to sleep. The one person with the day off that would do it cant because he's out of town. The person relieving the next shift might have come in early but i think she sleeping too because i get no answer from her. Hell, i even called the manager and no luck there.

Now i'm stuck working an extra shift. With both shifts together thats more than 13 hours. I dont know what happened but i'm definitely going to find out tomorrow. At least i have internet and can entertain myself so i dont fall asleep.


Colby said...

Not fun. Never fun to be stuck waiting for the next person to show up so you can go. Boo!

otin said...

I gotta follow a NYC native in Fla, for I am a Jersey boy in North Carolina. It sucks having to work so hard, but the end result will be worth it

Magic City College Girl said...

colby: yeah its no fun to be working an extra shift. if i at least had advance notice i wouldnt have been so pissed off.

otin: NYC native in fla, lol i like that. i lived in new jersey before. that was years ago, but its a nice place too. yeah the money makes up for it. i wish i was making more than what i am now, especially with taxes being taken out, but truthfully i am grateful to have the job.