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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Hate Taking The Bus!

Anyone that has ever taken the bus might know what i am talking about. I am not talking about having to wait for the bus or not being able to find a seat or getting squished inbetween strangers. I am talking about the weird people that take the bus. To be more specific, i am talking about those weird people that just have to talk to you when you dont want to be bothered. I get this alot, especially from old guys. I dont know why, its weird. When i get on the bus i like to just sit by myself and listen to my radio and not be bothered.

Just last night i noticed this one guy get on and sit somewhere in the back. Then at the next stop a bunch of people get off and this same guy gets up and sits in the seat in front of me. Then he turns back in his seat to start talking to me. Let me tell you, this guy is not pleasant to talk to or to look at. He was older, 49, and looked terrible for his age. He was fat, ugly, bald, greasy, bad skin, and smelled. First of all, i am sleeping (not really but i pretend to so no one bothers me) and this guy purposely wakes me up. What the hell is that, seriously, that is very rude. The the guy starts talking to me. He asks the basic questions like whats my name and how i am and stuff like that. Of course i dont tell this guy my real name. He then starts asking me about what kind of music i like. After that he was getting persistant about using my cellphone earpiece so he can hear what i was listening to. Ew, that is nasty, either way i dont know this guy. Why the hell would i let him use something of mine that i put in my ear everyday. I refused to let him use it.

Then he starts asking me all sorts of other questions. Like my age, if i'm married, do i have kids, where do i live, where do i work. This guy is just getting too damn personal now. Is he trying to be my friend? Is he trying to hook up with me? What the hell. On the age question, i told him how old i was and he gives me a weird look and tells me "thats starnge." I ask him why and he tells me "well because you're ** and you dont have kids yet?" I hate when people act like if a women doesnt have kids by 21 or something like that then they are old maids. I tell him that its not weird, i dont want kids yet. Then, in what looks like some weird attempt to impress me or something he says, "well its no big deal, i'm 49, got divorced last year after 30 years of marriage, and still dont have any kids." Ok, and i am the weird one? Whatever. I dont care if someone never wants kids, its your life, but dont tell me that i am weird for not having them. I'm being smart by not having kids that i cannot afford to take care of or give them the life they should have just yet.

This guy actually asked me if loved my boyfriend and if he loved me, and other stupid nosy questions. Ok, this guy is just too much. Thankfully i was on my way to work and i work close to home so the bus right wasnt long. Also, thankfully, i am able to save most of my money and my first goal is to get a car again. I cant wait but have to be patient. It will come soon enough. Once that car comes i wont have to deal with these creepy bus people again. Most people on buses are just trying to get somewhere but there are always those few that just have to bother you. Well i doubt i will see him again but i was really disgusted by this guy. I am a very nice person but i will not go through that crap a second time. If i see him again and he tries to do the same thing i will tell him to leave me alone and move to another seat if i have to.


TudorCity Girl said...

'these creepy bus people'.. LOL. It is SO true. I'm glad you'll have your car soon. I hear you on the bus people- thank goodness for Ipods... Use that or break out a book to read and never look up from it!

Magic City College Girl said...

lol, yeah that what i do. actually i might be the only one in this world that doesnt have an ipod. i was listening to the radio on my cellphone. but yeah if i dont do that i look at a newspaper or book and never look away from it. once bus people start talking to you they get very nosy like they have known you for years.

Kae said...

haha, this reminds me of my story im writing. You sound like the main character a bit in this post, it's always those darn bus rides. Wish you luck with that one. Just be sure when roaming the bus stops to bring pepper spray.