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Sunday, June 28, 2009

"The Good Die Young"

That old saying is so true in many cases. What a sad day when Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop", a legend, an icon, worldwide superstar, whatever you liked to call him, passed away. By the reaction all around the world we all know how much Michael was loved. This is a good moment for this post, i am actually watching 'The Jacksons' movie on tv right now. Michael was a great man that did a lot for many people around the world and has been through a lot himself. His music was an inspiration to me and many others.

There are some mixed feelings about Michael too. We know that many loved him and will miss him and i'm sure that there are those people that believe all of the allegations he had against him and are happy or dont care that he is gone. One of my co-workers said to me "are they still on Michael Jackson, whaetver, everyone just needs to get the fuck over it. Who cares, we all die someday anyway." I guess this is how her friends and family should feel when she dies. It may be true that we all die someday but damn how about a little respect for the people around you. Whether you liked Michael or not is your opinion, of course, but just have respect. Michael had friends and family just like the rest of us. I'm a big fan of Michael and so were the other people hanging around that heard her. I work in a hotel so the people that were near her in the lobby actually gave her dirty looks and got up and left. If some other famous person died that i hated but others are fans i would keep my mouth shut just out of respect for the people that can hear me.

It is kinda scary how all the celebrities died recently. Just today i heard the Billy Mayes died also. He's the guy that created the Oxi-clean products. My dog that i loved so much died back in 07 and i still miss her. I raised her her parents from puppies and then when she came out i helped raised her from birth. She was 15 when she passed and i was heartbroken over it. I had a friend that died back in 99 and i miss him too. He died in a car accident. Death for many is sad regardless. Some people will think that its a good thing because maybe the person was suffering or that being alive is hell and death is better than living. Either way i just think that its sad that when someone dies you wont see them again. Part of the fear of death is not knowing where we go after. There are religions that say this or that, theories, evidence (if you think its true) that shows ghosts and spirits, people that say nothing happens you just die and thats it. Death can be sad or happy depending on what you believe, but one thing i think we can all agree on is that death is one of the most mysterious things in this world.


Ebony Haywood said...

I too felt incredibly sad and shocked at the news of MJ's death. But one thing is for sure, his music will live on forever.

Magic City College Girl said...

you are so right ebony and thanks for following my blog.

Kathie @ my net finds said...

well said, I completely agree. that lady showed people more about herself by what she said than about Michael Jackson....she obviously has issues, isn't happy with herself or her life or something to be that rude/hateful towards someone she doesn't even know who passed away.

otin said...

Death scares the shit out of me, it could be my whole atheistic outlook! I wish I could be religious, then maybe it would not be so scary! As far as M Jackson goes, could you picture him as an 80 year old man? I think that he went out like he wanted to, still young!

Magic City College Girl said...

you make a good point otin. maybe Michael wasnt meant to be old. going out with a bang i guess some might say. it still sucks though. dont feel bad about your 'atheistic outlook' as you put it. i know people that are very religious and have no clue. i'm not very religious but i do have beliefs and i truely believe that we all go somewhere after we pass. maybe we do go to heaven or hang around as spirits until God calls us, maybe there is no afterlife, or maybe people just keep on reincarnating after every death to experience as many lives as possible. who knows.

Lyn Hernandez said...

As with many icons there will be a song to remember them by, therefore leaving their legacy with the masses in the present and the future. The songs are probably in the making as I type this.

MCCG: Loved this post. Thank you.

Magic City College Girl said...

you're welcome lyn. :)

Kae said...

M. J. was so awesome. I'm gonna miss him.