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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! i hope everyone had a good night and a lot of fun. i hope 2012 will be better for everyone. sadly i had to work but it was an ok night. my man is still outta town but i did get to talk to him yesterday. i really miss him. i think this year is gonna be even better for me. some of the goals i set for myself last year i was able to achieve. hopefully the other goals i have i will get to do this year. forget hoping, i will achieve them. first up will be to get a few more things fixed on my car, its runs great but got a few things to take care of with it. then i plant o get a place. i get so excited at the thought of finally moved out into my own place. also i really want to get back into school this year. another thing will be to get started on the businesses/real estate that my man and i wanna do. i hope everyone will get everything they want this new year. Have a great 1st day of the year everyone.


otin said...

Happy New Year!!

Luna said...

u too.

Anonymous said...

Happy New year chica! I hope this year goes smoothly to each and every one of us!! *hugs*