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Thursday, February 17, 2011

busy, busy, busy...

Hello everyone. i have finally found some time to post again. i have missed doing so but have just been so much more busier than usually lately. first off i would like to say Happy Valentine's Day to everyone (i know i'm a little late). i hope everyone had a nice romantic valentines day. what did i do? unfortunately nothing. had to work but its ok, my man and i will see each other soon again. as much as i would have loved to have gone out on valentines day its not mandatory. although it was a little saddening when i saw friends on facebook

Either way the car is broken down and neither of us can drive anywhere. but thats ok though, i never liked that car my boyfriend bought. its too big, wastes gas, and is expensive to fix which is why i am currently looking for another car. its not easy looking for another car, i cant afford too much, and many people are just plain greedy. they want too much for a car and wont negotiate. many cars also have issues. i dont have time to fix a car, i need a good working car now. i would love a new car but that is just too much money. i dont wanna spend years paying off a car when i can just spend a little now and buy it at one time.

Now for some good news. as of last month i was promoted at work. only 6 months at my job (at the time) i was made a manager and given a nice raise. it feels good when a job actually appreciates your hard work. i feel good about it. its nice to be in a higher position and make good money. i hope to stay at this job for a while. and the extra money i'll be making will really help with my goals of buying another car, getting an apartment, and hopefully this year going back to school. we'll see what the future holds.


Kathie @ Just a Happy Housewife said...

congrats on the promotion! I hope you can find a car soon.

Luna said...

thanks kathie, i hope so too.

O.F.C.J. said...

WOw, I know this was a while ago but, congratulations on the promotion! How is the job? I haven't been here in a while, the look has changed quite a bit, I like. How's life?


Luna said...

thanks ofcj. the job is ok. yeah i try to change the look once in a while and keep it interesting.