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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Car search continues...

Well i have finally had a chance to clean out the car. it is really to sell. i'm really just trying to get the best price i can from a junker but someone walking by me earlier while i was cleaning it out asked me if i was selling. i said yes and we talked about a price. she said she would talk to her husband and see if he was interested. if he is then i can get a little more than i would from a junker so i will give them a chance to contact me today. if not then i will just contact a junker tomorrow and be done with it. i have been searching for another car but everyone is either asking too much or selling a crappy looking lemon. i'm not desperate so i can wait a little longer. although it is a little frustrating to not be able to drive for now but i can deal with it. i've dealt with worse. you know the old saying, "what doesnt kill you, only makes you stronger."


ME said...

Stopped by to say hey. Hello. Hope you are well. :)

Maggie said...

You'll get your car soon enough. I'm barely gonna get my licensed out! lol

Luna said...

yes doing ok for the most part. my car is going great too.