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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Getting back to business....

Hey everyone. back again. i was finally able to catch up on reading blogs today and posting on my own again also. a lot of the blogs i read have pretty much done the same thing. some havent posted in a while due to work or other issues. well same here, work is keeping me busy and tired usually. but cant complain, i love having a good job that pays well and where i get along with everyone.

Well its pretty much the start of summer. i hope everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun going to the beach or whatever. i just wish it wouldnt get so hot in my area but hey its summer. it rained today in my area but not much. there wasnt been much rain last year or this year over here. i actually want a good hard rain for a day. i live in florida and florida is dry right now, we need rain. also i like rainy weather and would love some water instead of hot sun for a change.

As far as whats going on with me is that i did get a car not long ago, back in april. not a new car but i love it. took me a little time but i saved the money, brought it, and its all mine. got the title already too. it feels good to own my car and not have to make monthly payments. still have to do that with the insurance unfortunately but thats part of having a car. still have a few repairs to do but nothing major. still saving for an apartment but once the car is done that wont be a problem. gotta say it feels so good to be able to drive to work and anywhere else i need to go w/o having to rely on a bus or someone else to take me somewhere.

I also had my 2 year blogiversary last month but didnt post b/c i actually forgot from being busy. i have almost forgotten how good it feels to blog. its a great outlet to express yourself. i mean i can write things on here that i cant or dont share with anyone else. well thats it for now. i will be posting again in a day or two. got something more on the personal side of things i wanna blog about.


Maggie said...

Hey chica! It's great to hear from you!! I know how sometimes life can keep us away and soo darn busy! But I'm glad you took the time to let us know how you're doing! It's really hot down here too! Is it humid there as well??

Luna said...

yeah its humid here too. the sun is so damn hot. its like already burning your skin by 9am. stupid heat wave.