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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello everyone. i didnt realize that it had been almost a year since i blogged. i cant believe that. i guess life gets crazy and takes over. every so often i think about something to post but forget to or get distracted with the craziness i have been through in the past year. i used to be on here all the time. i miss blogging. i will definitely be blogging more often again. 

Well in some of my last posts i was talking about my life as far as my boyfriend, best friend, and life in general was doing. first off my boyfriend and i are broken up and to be honest i am happy about it. it turns out that the strange feelings i was having turned out to be true. for a while since he had been busy working i had weird feelings of him doing other shit. i had ideas but didnt know what for sure. i was called by a woman last year that claimed to be a relationship with him and has a child with him. i was hoping that, even though she sent me pictures as proof, that it wasnt true but in the back of my mind i knew it was. i finally had a chance to confront him in person a while back and we talked. i let him know what i knew and he admitted it trying to tell me he was sorry and that he did it b/c he was mad at me over something stupid and that it was a one night stand, but the pics prove otherwise. even if it started that way it turned into a relationship at some point. i was almost surprised to see him start tearing up but then again we did have over 12 years together. i hope he felt at least a little the way i did when i first found out. 

well im happy to report hat everything else is going well, finally. first off i was able to get an apt. yes i moved away from the shithole area and apt i lived in for a nice one in a gated community back in oct. i was lucky to end up seeing it when i did b/c they were having a rent special which actually made this usually expensive community affordable for me. i love where i live, it has everything. my job is good and stable. i do miss some of my coworkers that recently quit but thats ok. we made friends so we keep in touch. there is something else involving the job that i will bring up in a future blog and its something great. i hope it goes through. so far it is going right on track and i plan to keep it that way. i hope it happens soon. 

the situation with my best friend has improved but still generally the same, but still good though. we have hung out a little more. we also talk and text more often again. she still mostly busy b/c of her kid but thats her life now. i have gotten used to it so it doesnt bother me anymore. i just go with it.

i am very happy to report that i have a new love in my life. yes i am with a new boyfriend and things are going great. we have been together about 5 months now and i am very happy. he has a great job/career and he also is a certified mechanic (thats what he used to do and still does on the side sometimes) so i dont have to worry about anything with my car anymore which is great. and the good thing about this relationship is that we knew each other for years, we were friends before, since high school actually. ever since i got with him everything has improve for me and him. he also knew my ex but my ex doesnt know about us. i prefer to keep it that way. even if he finds out doesnt matter. he lost me. and it also will be great to have someone to spend valentines day with. my ex hasnt done anything with me on that day for years.

So there is it. thats whats has happened to me over the last year. things went from shit to great. i am very happy and grateful for how my life has changed. i pray for it to get even better. 

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