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Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday Fun...

Yes its my birthday, well actually my birthday was yesterday april 25, but was out all day to celebrate. i remembered this morning that i wanted to make a new post and was a little upset that i didnt have time yesterday. i hate posting the day after something but its ok. no big deal. i just like to do things on the day of. 

Well as far as my birthday went it was great. i went to my parents in the morning for a visit and a cake cutting. it was chocolate cake (my favorite). i also got to visit my dogs. i love those furry babies of mine. then did some shopping. in the evening i went home and got ready. went to dinner with my boyfriend. ended up getting free drinks and dessert since it was my birthday. then after dinner we went home to relax for a little while. 

i also went out for a late dinner with some friends last night. they had to work so we meet up late. my man sadly couldnt join b/c he had to work this morning so he needed to get to bed earlier. i had a great birthday. it was the best one ive had in a long time. so happy i got my days off work request so i could enjoy it. 

Last month my man and i celebrated our 6 month anniversary. we spent the day together and went out in the evening. i brought us a cute little cake to enjoy in the evening. we went out to dinner at a nice water front restaurant. after dinner we went back home and enjoyed the cake. i have been so happy with him since we started going out. i havent felt so loved and wanted and appreciated in years. im grateful to have him in my life. i hope we have many more years together. 

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